We Ask the Cast of 'Insurgent' to Give Us Their Best Accents

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Accents are a nice weapon for actors to have in their arsenals, but not everyone needs to — or can — do them. We asked the good-natured cast of Insurgent, the new Divergent sequel, for their best foreign drawls, and got few different kinds of responses.

Series newcomer Octavia Spencer, who’s originally from Alabama, launched immediately into a convincing, “posh” British, while British-born heartthrob Theo James showed us what he’d sound like as a Frenchman. Native New Yorker Ansel Elgort said he can do a Jamaican accent but didn’t want to offend anyone (understandable), while face-of-the-franchise Shailene Woodley admitted hers usually don’t work out so well.

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"I cannot do accents," Woodley told us. "I can start with a British accent and then three words in, all the sudden we’re in Georgia, and then we’re like, ‘Whoa, let’s go to in India,’ and then two seconds later, it’s like, ‘Are we in Bali? Where are we?’ And then you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m on the Gold Coast of Australia.’ It’s everywhere."

(Thanks to @ashtonirwinstan for the fan question.)

Insurgent is now in theaters.