Rise of the Resistance: Here's when you'll be able to experience the new 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge ride

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When Disneyland’s newest realm, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge , opened its docking doors to the general public in May, visitors to the far, far away planet of Batuu got to sample such galactic delights as blue (or green) milk and touring the Millennium Falcon. But there was one part of the experience that was off-limits to everyone, be they junk traders, the Knights of Ren or even Jedi: the state-of-the-art attraction, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Some chalked the delay up to a strategic choice on Disney’s part to mitigate launch-day crowds, while others have speculated whether the technical demands proved too intensive. As of today, though, you can mark your calendars for Dec. 5 and Jan. 17. According to Disney Parks Blog, that’s when the Resistance will rise at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, respectively.

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)
(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Considering the ambition behind this particular attraction, it only makes sense that the Imagineers would need extra time to get it right. Where Batuu’s other ride, the Millennium Falcon-based Smuggler’s Run, offers a one-way immersive experience, Rise of the Resistance bills itself as a multi-platform adventure in which guests go on a nearly half-hour long mission alongside Resistance stalwarts Rey and General Leia Organa that takes them from the cells of a First Order Star Destroyer to the corridors of a secret Resistance base.

'Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance' (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)
Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride. (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

It’s notable that the attraction is making its debut at Disney World rather than Disneyland, a choice that’s likely due to the fact that the Florida park is actively preparing for the Aug. 29 opening of Galaxy’s Edge. For the first three months Disney World visitors will experience all the same attractions as their California counterparts, before Rise of the Resistance invades on Dec. 5 — which not-so-coincidentally happens to be the 118th birthday of Walt Disney himself. Once the ride is up and running, the Imagineers will make the trek back to Disneyland and prepare for the Jan. 17 launch date there.

Whether your first encounter with Rise of the Resistance is at Disney World or Disneyland, expect long wait times at both locations. Since opening in May, Galaxy’s Edge has become the main attraction at Disneyland, so much so that some visitors have complained that the rest of the park feels empty in comparison. On Batuu, though, business is booming; eBay has a healthy market for re-sales of items that are no longer available, while the park operators have reportedly tweaked the lines snaking into such popular attractions as Oga’s Cantina. In other words, don’t try to resist the power of Galaxy’s Edge. Once Rise of the Resistance opens, it’s going to be with us... always.

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