Disney's Animal Kingdom Introduces Their 'Adorable' New Baby Mandrill

Glenn Garner
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David Roark

Walt Disney World is celebrating the circle of life with their newest addition.

Disney's Animal Kingdom recently welcomed a baby mandrill. First-time mom Hazel gave birth to the tiny female primate, who weighed in at just over a pound, on Saturday. The Florida theme park has named the newborn Ivy.

"In the spirit of the mystical mandrill Rafiki, join us in honoring the circle of life as we celebrate the arrival of this adorable newborn," the theme park wrote in a statement on the birth. "The little girl was born on Saturday, April 10, to first-time mom Hazel and dad Linus. Cast members named the infant Ivy to fit in with the rest of her colorful family — Olive, Scarlett, Snow, and Hazel."

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Both Ivy and Hazel are healthy and bonding following Ivy's birth. Currently, guests can spot the mother-daughter duo on Animal Kingdom's Kilimanjaro Safaris. Expect to find Ivy clinging to Hazel's stomach, a natural bonding behavior. In a few weeks, Ivy will start trying to walk independently, though her mom will likely continue to keep a close eye on the baby mandrill.

David Roark

Ivy joins seven other mandrills in the park, living with the other primates in a way that mirrors "the social system of mandrills found in the wild." Her birth was a success thanks to Disney's animal care experts, who work closely with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums on Species Survival Plans.

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In the wild, mandrills are among the most vulnerable species that live in the African rainforests along the Earth's equator, where their habitat is under the constant threat of deforestation.