An Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses Taking Selfies

By Donna Dickens 

Have you ever wondered what Disney’s animated characters would look like if they had modern social media accounts? Probably not…but Simona Bonafini has.

Bonafini’s expertly blended the personalities of iconic Disney characters with emojis, hashtags, and filters to create an eerie glimpse into an alternate reality. One where Disney Princesses are giving you anxiety about how much more fun they’re having than you.

1. Snow White
Dude, no. She’s 14!

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Image Credit: Simona Bonafini

2. Cinderella
Why just show off the shoes when your fairy godmother also gave you killer gams?

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Image Credit: Simona Bonafini

3. Ariel
Everyone grab your dinglehopper. It’s Spring Break!

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Image Credit: Simona Bonafini

4. Jasmine
Does she know Ali’s page is linking to some scrub named Aladdin?

Image Credit: Simona Bonafini

5. Elsa and Anna
For the first time in forever, they’re taking a sister selfie.

Image Credit: Simona Bonafini

It’s not just the Disney Princesses that are killing it with their hashtag game:

6. Hercules
More like HUNK-cules.

Image Credit: Simona Bonafini

7. Alice and the Mad Hatter
A very merry unbirthday to you!

Image Credit: Simona Bonafini

8. Gaston
There’s no one in town half as manly.

Image Credit: Simona Bonafini

9. Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael
They’re headed to Neverland to stave off FOMO.

Image Credit: Simona Bonafini

You can check out the rest of Simona’s artwork — including her “Game of Thrones” portraits — on her Bechance page.

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