Disney 100 Quiz Answers for TikTok Game (Today, Nov 12)

Disney 100 Quiz Answers nov 12
Disney 100 Quiz Answers nov 12

These are the Disney 100 quiz answers for today, Nov 12. This guide provides players with all five of the answers to the TikTok quiz. While it doesn’t actually matter whether you get the answers right or wrong, as you still get the two-card reward, some players want to get them all right. Here are all of the Disney100 questions and answers for November 12, 2023.

All Disney 100 quiz answers for Nov 12

  1. In Frozen, whose fate do the lyrics “Frozen Heart” foreshadow?

    • Anna

  2. What was the name of Lizzie McGuire’s mischievous younger brother?

    • Matt

  3. Which movie or series has a mention of Disney+ itself?

    • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

  4. In The Proud Family, what is the name of Suga Mama’s dog?

    • Puff

  5. In High School Musical 2, which song does Sharpay NOT sing?

    • “Work This Out”

Today’s quiz has a big focus on High School Musical, with a question on the new High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Disney Plus show, as well as the older High School Musical 2 movie. Then there’s a question for Frozen fans which, yes, is centered around one of the big songs. Another question asks about The Proud Family. Then there’s a question about Lizzie McGuire.

It’s worth noting that it doesn’t really matter if you get any of the answers wrong, as the game still provides you with two Character Cards. Getting them right is only a bonus and doesn’t actually result in any additional rewards. Of course, getting five out of five correct without the aid of a guide is mighty impressive!

Come back tomorrow when we’ll have the next day’s batch of Disney 100 questions and answers. With the wide variety of topics that these quizzes are based around, you’re surely going to need a helping hand. Thankfully, we make it easy by immediately answering the new questions as soon as they go live.

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