Oscars live blog: We dish the best, worst and OMG moments

Gold Derby editors and contributors are obsessed with show business awards. They are a sassy bunch who rarely agree on anything, and that’s never been more true than at the 2023 Oscars. This year’s ceremony airs live coast-to-coast Sunday, March 12 on ABC beginning at 5:00 p.m. PT/8:00 p.m. ET. Follow along as the show unfolds with our musings on the best, worst and OMG moments of the 95th Academy Awards. Joining our fun live blog to dish 2023 Oscars gossip are: Chris Beachum, John Benutty, Nick Bisa, Charlie Bright, David Buchanan, Denton Davidson, Marcus James Dixon, Sam Eckmann, Joyce Eng, Luca GilibertiRob LicuriaDaniel Montgomery, Matt Noble, Ray Richmond, Chris Rosen, Tony Ruiz, Matthew Stewart and Paul Sheehan. Agree or disagree? Sound off down in the comments section to give us YOUR thoughts.

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Rob Licuria: A rare mini



Nick Bisa: So happy for Michelle! Would’ve been so sad if everyone won but her

Rob Licuria: I liked the Bear!

Daniel Montgomery: I liked the bear LOL

Denton Davidson: I hate when I don’t score well, but the telecast itself was really well done…except the bear.

Charlie Bright: Who would have thought that the most painful bit was going to be with Elizabeth Banks and not Kimmel?

Ray Richmond: 19-4 here. I usually suck. This is a first.

Chris Beachum: I so wanted the bear to take off the head backstage and be Matt Damon.

Rob Licuria: One of the better Oscar ceremonies. Great job!

Chris Beachum: NOOOOO, I went 19-24 and want to see how that stacks up. I’ll bet there are some people at 22-1 worldwide.

Charlie Bright: I liked the “Number of Oscar telecasts without incident” gag

Rob Licuria: I stole that from Acyn on twitter.

Top Gun Maverick could’ve still won if Harrison Ford had the courage.
Sad for the BP nominated films that went home empty handed.

Daniel Montgomery: First movie ever to win 3 acting AND Picture. Also the first bona fide sci-fi film to win Best Picture, a long time coming

Rob Licuria: 7 Oscars! 3/4 acting wins. What an achievement.

Chris Beachum: Drama and comedy. Ke needs to hug Harrison Ford on stage!

BEST PICTURE: “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

Charlie Bright: Hopefully soon to be Emmy winner Harrison Ford

Rob Licuria: All four acting category wins made me cry. In a good way.

Chris Beachum: Only the 3rd film ever to win 3 acting. But the other 2 did not win picture.

Marcus James Dixon: SAG went 4 for 4

Charlie Bright: Halle Berry is no longer the ONLY actress of color to win Best Actress.

Chris Beachum: Nice! Good job, academy!!

ACTRESS: Michelle Yeoh (“Everything Everywhere All at Once”)

Luca Giliberti: An Elvis shutout is definitely NOT something I expected.

Ray Richmond: Yes!!!!!!!

Daniel Montgomery: “Elvis” shutout, wow

ACTOR: Brendan Fraser (“The Whale”)

THAT MOMENT is when I started tearing up during The Whale.

Chris Beachum: The internet is about to explode no matter what happens in each of these 2 categories.

Rob Licuria: Wow.

Ray Richmond: Ana de Armas!

Charlie Bright: So only Disney and Warner Brothers got special shout outs during the ceremony, huh?

Rob Licuria: Cmon … let’s get one more shocker.

Charlie Bright: Hey Disney, it’s now Academy Award WINNER Ke Huy Quan!

Daniel Montgomery: I wish we were getting more political statements about the genocidal campaign against queer people happening right now in state legislatures.

Charlie Bright: I assumed that when Daniel Roher thanked political prisoners, he meant the January 6th prisoners a couple miles from me.

Rob Licuria: We didn’t get as much chaos tonight as I had hoped. Booooooooooo
Drag is a threat to no one. Suck on that, MAGA world.

Sam Eckmann: “Genius emerges from the collective”






Charlie Bright: I like that both of their speeches so far were both great for different reasons.

Sam Eckmann: Cmon Emersonians! They’re such nerds I love it

Nick Bisa: I still think Blanchett wins but it would be devastating

Chris Beachum: One more for picture and they are tied with Spielberg for his entire career.

Nick Bisa: It would just be devastating

Marcus James Dixon: The Daniels now have more Oscars than Martin Scorsese

Nick Bisa: I need Yeoh to win now

Ray Richmond: She’s not losing.

Marcus James Dixon: If Michelle Yeoh loses now I will be absolutely gutted. Everything is pointing in her direction!

DIRECTING: “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

Chris Beachum: Idris Elba had not been announced. Did anyone else know his next Luther movie will be theatrical and not for Emmys?
There are only 4 announced presenters we haven’t seen: Chastain/Berry are together, Harrison Ford and Nicole Kidman. So that leaves 1 spot for a surprise presenter (unless JC/HB) are doing both leads.

Denton Davidson: His second movie! That has to be abnormal for a best editing win

Sam Eckmann: The presentation looks like a ride at EPCOT and I live

Chris Beachum: Just 4 categories left.

Marcus James Dixon: EEAAO and AQ are now tied at four trophies apiece. But EEAAO’s wins are all above the line.


EDITING: “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

Charlie Bright: I could do without the people pretending to editors in the background.


Tony Ruiz: Blanchett isn’t winning Actress. It’s clearly Yeoh.

Charlie Bright: I’m predicting an All Quiet upset in Editing

Chris Beachum: Am I wrong or did they not include 2-time nominee Melinda Dillon and character actor legend Paul Sorvino?

Marcus James Dixon: The bear is gonna unmask at the end of the ceremony like on “The Masked Singer” and it’ll be Matt Damon

Charlie Bright: At least it felt like the clapping was kept to a minimum.

Rob Licuria: It’s so gross.

Nick Bisa: “He’ll be more missed so let’s clap!”

Ray Richmond: EEAAO could easily win 4 of the last 5 handed out tonight. And probably will,

Nick Bisa: How many times do u hav to tell these people to stop clapping during the in memoriam. Just the epitome of disrespectful

Rob Licuria: One of the best in memoriams


Chris Beachum: I fully expected Tom Cruise to present Best Director.

Charlie Bright: I thought he was in the bear costume.

Rob Licuria: This is so heartfelt though. Dame Olivia will never be forgotten.

Marcus James Dixon: I keep expecting Tom Cruise to make a surprise appearance later

Rob Licuria: Travolta looks ridiculous. Sorry.




Chris Beachum: Yeah! Those are the 2 of the nicest guys we met all season. He was also on our songwriters panel!

Tony Ruiz: At least my favorite film of the year is an Oscar winner

Chris Beachum: I can’t believe Tom Cruise didn’t show up tonight to support all his nominees. It’s been over 2 decades since his last nomination, so he should be very grateful.

ORIGINAL SONG: “Naatu, Naatu,” “RRR”

Charlie Bright: The Academy press page needs to crank out more of these acceptance speech transcripts. They only have four up so far.

Nick Bisa: That was all Top Gun needed guys

Chris Beachum: Almost all of our Gold Derby winners are also winning Oscars. Rob — That might help you with Colin Farrell!

Charlie Bright: WHEW!

SOUND: “Top Gun: Maverick”

Tony Ruiz: Ok…Robert Blake may have been an ass…but that was not a good joke

Charlie Bright: Okay, I liked the Robert Blake joke.

Daniel Montgomery: I’m glad they’re going to Best Sound and not going straight from an In Memoriam joke to In Memoriam, which would have been really uncomfortable

Denton Davidson: Not for those 10 people…

Marcus James Dixon: All hope has faded

Ray Richmond: All Quiet ain’t winning BP.

Rob Licuria: Serious side-eye.

Daniel Montgomery: “Women Talking” might come away with more Oscars than “Banshees of Inisherin” and “Elvis”


Charlie Bright: STOP TELLING ME TO SCAN THE DAMN QR CODE! Suddenly I’m not so worried about All Quiet winning Best Picture.

Sam Eckmann: Thank god Sarah
Rob Licuria: Polley was an awards season superstar all year long. Can’t wait to see what she does next! I’m so relieved


Ray Richmond: YES!!!!!!

Chris Beachum: It literally has the word “talking” in the title. How could it be beaten by the word “quiet”?

Luca Giliberti: Sarah Polley, yessssssss!!!

Tony Ruiz: Told you!!! Sarah Polley!!

Sam Eckmann: Fun fact: I went to college with the Daniels and auditioned for one of their directing projects. I lost out on the role, but it’s ok, I forgive them.

Chris Beachum: Yes!!!!

Daniel Montgomery: YAY SARAH POLLEY! I got it wrong, but YAY SARAH POLLEY


Chris Beachum: Those outfits look so stylish, our own Daniel would envy them.

Denton Davidson: All quiet did well below the line but Everything Everywhere still hasn’t lost anything it was supposed to, did it?

Marcus James Dixon: EEAAO was quite possibly the most original screenplay of the decade. This award was MADE for movies like this.

Tony Ruiz: On behalf of Public School teachers everywhere….we feel seen.

Daniel Montgomery: I love how Scheinert’s shirt matches Kwan’s suit

Rob Licuria: I wonder how prescient the anonymous ballots actually ended up being…?

Chris Beachum: When she gasped, I thought it was going to be a stunner!

ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: “Everything Everywhere All at Once”


Jaclyn Ben-Porat: whoa… is anyone else’s eeaao tribute split between a covid ad?

Denton Davidson: He shouldn’t have any issues saying Lenny Kravitz

Chris Beachum: In looking at the presenter list, I’m wondering if John Travolta is doing the memoriam intro. He’s got Olivia Newton-John in there.

Rob Licuria: Gaga

Ray Richmond: Naatu Naatu


Denton Davidson: I would still pick Naatu Naatu

Marcus James Dixon: If you could vote for Best Song based only on the 5 live performances, who would you pick? It’d be Rihanna for me.

Charlie Bright: Is every stage she performs on now going to lift into the air???

Denton Davidson: Love her!

Rob Licuria: Sacrilege!

Marcus James Dixon: Wow! Rihanna is killing it! And I was someone who was sorta meh on her Super Bowl performance.

Rob Licuria: This is fantastic.

Unlike Danai Gurira’s hair.

Charlie Bright: At least the bit was short

Rob Licuria: Ummm….. is Banshees going home empty handed? It better not.

Daniel Montgomery: Malala probably wishes she had Cate Blanchett’s table to hide under

Luca Giliberti: This bit… Sweet jesus.

Marcus James Dixon: I keep wondering that! They are making a statement.

Charlie Bright: Oh christ. Malala is in a bit.

Rob Licuria: Who’s that lady wearing that huge white dress thing? The poor person sitting behind her is currently RAGING.

Ray Richmond: Order is briefly restored.
Tony Ruiz: You guys…..


Rob Licuria: Shocker. No he’s not. It’s time.

VISUAL EFFECTS: “Avatar: The Way of Water”

Nick Bisa: It broke so late tho

Charlie Bright: I mean…if All Quiet wins Best Picture without Directing or Editing then ALL STATS GO OUT THE WINDOW FOREVER!

Marcus James Dixon: Tony isn’t on our editor list???

Nick Bisa: Question: do we reckon Berger would’ve won Director if he was nominated by the directors’ branch?

Marcus James Dixon: I like how they come back from commercials with clips of the Best Picture nominees. It gives people time to find their seats and quit taking photos with Jamie Lee Curtis’ Oscar.

Rob Licuria: Maybe it’s time for Tony to be in the Editors group on the site!

Tony Ruiz: I just know I’m doing better than Joyce. I’m good

Ray Richmond: I still think it’s losing screenplay.

Nick Bisa: It would make me jump for joy

Rob Licuria: I kinda want Marcus to be right about BP now. Chaos!

Nick Bisa: If EEAAO loses original tho… it’s game ON

Rob Licuria: “Older demographic loves ‘Elvis’” is now one of the dumbest arguments I have ever made on a slugfest. Sheesh that film is tanking tonight.

Denton Davidson: I am loving the love for “All Quiet”!

Nick Bisa: Yeah I think All Quiet is looming in all these techs now. If it can win production design against a precursor juggernaut like Babylon and an academy fav like Catherine Martin… If All Quiet wins adapted its game on.

Rob Licuria: Speaking of… I’m so glad Kimmel didn’t make a mockery of her deserved nomination.

Charlie Bright: Now, I’m worried All Quiet is going to win Sound over Top Gun.

Rob Licuria: They’ll probably blame Andrea Riseborough.

Charlie Bright: It’s racism against blue people.

Rob Licuria: Just imagine if Avatar loses VFX


Daniel Montgomery: Could happen, “1917” did, and it didn’t even win as many Oscars as “All Quiet” has

Nick Bisa: The people will be twittering if the women don’t be talking

Chris Beachum: 10 categories and 2 performances to go. I’m not sure how this would be less than 3.5 hours.

Charlie Bright: What if All Quiet wins Visual Effects?

Rob Licuria: Oh no the twitter outrage will be loud if Women not be Talking.

Chris Beachum: VFX and then the 2 screenplay categories are next.

Marcus James Dixon: Before tonight “Roma” was the biggest Netflix winner of all time with three trophies. “All Quiet” already has four.

Rob Licuria: DUN DUN DUNNNN.

Luca Giliberti: Definitely feeling good about the adapted screenplay prediction now. (Now watch me be wrong anyway.)


Marcus James Dixon: Volker!!! He did two panels with Gold Derby

Rob Licuria: Hauschka wins! Woohooo!!!

Ray Richmond: Chaos!

Marcus James Dixon: “All Quiet” was in fourth place for production design. That’s the biggest odds shock of the night.

Nick Bisa: This film is gaining more ground than the Germans did on the western front

ORIGINAL SCORE: “All Quiet on the Western Front”

Rob Licuria: Here we goooo….


Luca Giliberti: All quiet won 7 BAFTAs but lost production design to Babylon, which then loses the Oscar to All Quiet. Wow.

Nick Bisa: All Quiet be like


Marcus James Dixon: Or it could be the Dune/Mad Max of the year and just clean up below the line

Chris Beachum: That’s a stunning win! It’s now going to win score and screenplay. And Marcus might be right about picture.

Rob Licuria: I wish AQ won makeup too now.

Marcus James Dixon: There’s Volker’s haunting score again.


Rob Licuria: Woah.

Nick Bisa: Hugh Grant is an international treasure. We don’t deserve him

PRODUCTION DESIGN: “All Quiet on the Western Front”

David Buchanan: So nice to see Dolly de Leon at the Oscars after all, nominee or not!

Chris Beachum: Did anyone else know that Ruth E. Carter is now the first Black woman to win 2 Oscars?
She’s really great! Glad she changed her mind and decided to perform.

Charlie Bright: Whether she’s in a designer gown or a simple black T-shirt, Gaga always BRINGS IT

Ray Richmond: I want the courage to play the Oscars in a t-shirt.

Rob Licuria: No makeup. Black clothing. Acoustic.

Charlie Bright: She’s a’ight.

Rob Licuria: Pared back. But so close. Can we give her some space? She truly is one of the greats. Change my mind.

Chris Beachum: Why does she almost never like to be introduced?

Tony Ruiz: Is Gaga trying to recreate the “Shallow” performance?

Daniel Montgomery: Between Apple and Netflix, is this the most awards won by streaming services in one night already?

Denton Davidson: The best lesson to be learned is to never listen to anyone else! Go your own way.

Rob Licuria: I’ve just cancelled out my JLC prediction with my paltry Shorts showing.

Nick Bisa:  Same. The last thing I expected considering I’ve just gotten like 4 categories wrong in a row before t

Chris Beachum: It’s my first time ever getting all 3 shorts correct! The world might end tomorrow.

Tony Ruiz: I can’t remember the last time I got all the shorts right

Rob Licuria: Me too. I blame Joyce.


Daniel Montgomery: Gold Derby’s odds nailed all three short categories!

Rob Licuria: But then I have to watch Graham Norton and he’s the devil.

Charlie Bright: Well, at least one of the short film winners will piss off Film Twitter

ANIMATED SHORT: “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse”

Chris Beachum: Watch him on Graham Norton from last week. He was hilarious telling stories with Helen Mirren. Yeah, Ralph and Apple!!

Sam Eckmann: So mad at everyone here who made me doubt the elephants and change my prediction

Rob Licuria: He should win an Emmy for it

Chris Beachum: Pedro Pascal was such a funny, endearing host on SNL.

Rob Licuria: I’m sure you said this last year too. I’m going to remind you next year

Marcus James Dixon: Note to self: don’t make last-minute changes. This morning I had The Whale winning makeup and Elephant Whisperers winning doc short. I switched them both


Rob Licuria: India represent!

DOCUMENTARY SHORT: “The Elephant Whisperers”

Charlie Bright: To the office of the organization that submitted it

Rob Licuria: Like, where does the Oscar go? Angela Merkel’s house? The German parliament? So dumb.

Ray Richmond: So far, “Everything Everywhere” and “All Quiet” tied at 2 apiece.

Daniel Montgomery: They really should change the rules for International so the filmmakers actually get the award. A country is an abstract concept. Actual people make movies

Charlie Bright: His name still goes on the trophy

Chris Beachum: Netflix could win for Elephant Whisperers too.

Ray Richmond: We did an interview with Florian Hofmeister.

Marcus James Dixon: Netflix has 3 trophies already tonight, compared to just 1 last year.

Chris Beachum: Edward Berger can personally only win 1 Oscar tonight. He can win screenplay but not international (goes to Germany only) and not Best Picture (he’s not a producer). And somehow, he’s stunningly not nominated for director.

Marcus James Dixon: Volker’s three-note score is sooo good. I want it to keep playing all night.

Rob Licuria: I’m so excited to see what Berger has to say. Anti-faaaaa!

INTERNATIONAL FILM: “All Quiet on the Western Front”

Chris Beachum: Eva Longoria got dressed up for that 10 seconds she spoke?

Charlie Bright: My mom just texted me, “That was phenomenal. Where can I watch this?”

Rob Licuria: In other news: my Wi-Fi is back online. I will be sending a bloodied dead horse head to whoever is responsible for my internet issues today.
Gaga will never be denied THE moment. She goes last. Yeah?
*Colin Farrell.

Marcus James Dixon: Will Rihanna or Gaga perform last? Place your bets!

Rob Licuria: I like having whoever the hell that actress was introducing the song. Her intro was well written too

Nika Bisa: Austin Butler still takes Actor

Rob Licuria: Glorious. This is Peak Oscars.

Ray Richmond: This is fabulous.

Chris Beachum: The 2 RRR stars are sitting right there. They couldn’t introduce their own movie’s song?

Marcus James Dixon: If you went strictly with the Gold Derby odds, you’d have three wrong so far (supporting actress, costumes, makeup/hair)

Chris Beachum: How is Austin Butler looking now?

Marcus James Dixon: Amazing win! These were definitely the best costumes of the year.

Rob Licuria: “Elvis sweep” *side-eye

Chris Beachum: Well, she was the Gold Derby Award winner, too.

Charlie Bright: Wait…is ELVIS possibly going home empty-handed???

COSTUME DESIGN: “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

David Buchanan: Please, we need to get Julia an Oscar one day!

Chris Beachum: Julia can sell anything!

Charlie Bright: I can’t tell if Julia’s outfit or Paul’s outfit is more sparkly.

Jaclyn Ben-Porat: my best supporting actress

David Buchanan: Jenny is already the highlight of this Oscars!

Joyce Eng: JENNY!!!!!

Charlie Bright: Disparaging the Boot is a Bootable offense! THERE’S A HORSE LOOSE AT THE OSCARS!

Rob Licuria: I’ll get the boot into ya if you’re not careful

Ray Richmond: Well, some form of liver anyway.

Charlie Bright: Uh, yeah. YOUR TOILETS GO THE WRONG WAY!

Rob Licuria: Pft. What are we, chopped livvah?

Ray Richmond: They didn’t pay for intl. coverage, Rob.

Charlie Bright: Did they seriously show a clip of The Wizard of Oz during a Warner Bros. tribute? That’s an MGM movie!

Rob Licuria: I wonder why this is only for US audiences. We all get trailers at the same time worldwide.

Luca Giliberti: I mean, Vice, Bombshell and Ma Rainey all won makeup and their leads still lost…

Chris Beachum: She’ll be there next time for Barbie.

Charlie Bright: Is each of the original major studios getting a tribute?

Rob Licuria: Again we aren’t seeing Robbie do anything. It’s just ads.

Marcus James Dixon: I split the difference and did Fraser in actor but Elvis in makeup. I could get them both wrong lol.

Chris Beachum: Classy of her showing up since many thought she would be nominated way back (before we saw the film).

Rob Licuria: I’m still on cloud 9 over the JLC win.

Charlie Bright: Love that they’re showcasing the home of the Warner Brothers…and their sister, Dot!

Ray Richmond: Chaos!

Chris Beachum: Hmmmm. Neither Robbie or Freeman were announced in advance.

Rob Licuria: Yes he is. To Colin Farrell.


Charlie Bright: Rob, you mean to the other fat suit film

Ray Richmond: Fraser isn’t losing actor.

Rob Licuria: Ugh. Both fat suit films should’ve lost this to The Batman. Sorry.

Charlie Bright: If Fraser loses Actor, then it’s the voters fault for giving him false hope with the Makeup win.

Chris Beachum: Yep! Got it!!


Chris Beachum: We’ll know the Best Actor winner in a moment.

Marcus James Dixon: Lots of people are gonna get makeup/hair wrong. This is a make-or-break category!

Rob Licuria: I love it when they pay tribute to the craft categories. More pls.


Sam Eckmann: I’m full of charm Charlie

Daniel Montgomery: Charlie’s right, everything everywhere has lost its charm all at once


Charlie Bright: Okay, no more referring to something as “everything and everywhere all at once.” It’s lost its charm.

Nick Bisa: David Byrne sounded kinda odd tho right?

Sam Eckmann: I want to rewatch it immediately

Marcus James Dixon: I loved it! The weirder the better.

Sam Eckmann: It was everything everywhere all at once

Nick Bisa: So true Sam

Sam Eckmann: It was a life. It was an everything bagel

Ray Richmond: Oh it felt close.

Nick Bisa: What was that haha

Charlie Bright: Not even close Ray.

Ray Richmond: That may go down like “Snow White” in Oscar lore.

Rob Licuria: David Byrne one of the greatest songwriters but sheesh he didn’t sing well just then

Sam Eckmann: Honestly it was so bizarre and outside the norm for the Oscars I’m obsessed
Luca Giliberti: Yeah, that was not it at all.


Ray Richmond: That was mercifully brief.

Rob Licuria: It’s a nauurrrr from moi.


Daniel Montgomery: I like the song, but it doesn’t really translate to live performance that well

Joyce Eng: that’s a nope

Ray Richmond: Not the film’s strong suit.

Chris Beachum: Or one of the other many cast members sitting in the audience?

Rob Licuria: Ummm this isn’t a good song. Sue me.

Chris Beachum: Why not have somebody from the film introduce the song? How great would James Hong’s ovation have been?

Charlie Bright: OHHHH. So David Byrne’s fingers inspired the hot dog finger thing.

Daniel Montgomery: 5 for 6 here. I’ve only missed Curtis so far

Ray Richmond: 5 for 6 here

Sam Eckmann: 6 for 6 so far!!

Marcus James Dixon: Today I made three last minute switches. Cinematography was one of them, and it paid off! “All Quiet” is on the board with one.

Chris Beachum: He was on our cinematography panel!

Tony Ruiz: Anyone else 6 for 6?

Rob Licuria: That 3 bar guitar hook from the AQ score is so damn good.

Daniel Montgomery: I didn’t mind the cinematography banter since at least it was about the substance of the category

CINEMATOGRAPHY: James Friend, “All Quiet on the Western Front”

Tony Ruiz: This banter is going on too long

Ray Richmond: My picture screwed up. What was the commercial for?

Rob Licuria: This is where I’m about to get my first wrong predix

Nick Bisa: I do think All Quiet has some skin in the game here. If it takes Adapted and Cinematography… no matter what else happens it’s in with a shot!

Jaclyn Ben-Porat: his individual getty pics didn’t hit online until right before the show either. sad

Chris Beachum: Has anybody else noticed that Bill Nighy is as far away from the stage as I am right now? He’s tucked off in a corner near the kitchen.

Luca Giliberti: Yeah, they just cut to commercial on German TV here… And they are unsurprisingly running All Quiet ad after All Quiet ad, lol

Nick Bisa: Yeah that’s poor form. I’m not getting it tho from my Aussie streaming service

Charlie Bright: Isn’t what they just did is exactly why new trailers used to not be done during the Oscar telecast?

Rob Licuria: They didn’t air that part in Australia and possibly elsewhere internationally. Interesting…

Daniel Montgomery: Yeah, I don’t like presenting a trailer during the show, it’s just Disney patting itself on the back for three minutes

Jaclyn Ben-Porat: ariel > oscars, sorry

Rob Licuria: Gosh this Oscar ceremony is so wonderful so far though. Classy and fun.

Chris Beachum: Has there ever once been a major awards show that had 2 stars walk out to present nothing but a trailer to an upcoming movie? That’s tacky! They couldn’t hide it a little bit by giving them a category to present first?

Charlie Bright: Okay, this is weird. I’m not liking the introduction during the actual ceremony.
It brought the most joy.

Marcus James Dixon: “An Irish Goodbye” was by far the best of a forgettable crop of live action shorts. Thanks to the academy for getting it right!

LIVE ACTION SHORT: “An Irish Goodbye”

Nick Bisa: I think Baz Lurhmann saw Rob’s prediction in Best Actor and cut the power lines in Oz

Ray Richmond: So sorry Rob. Wow that was powerful.

Tony Ruiz: Daniel Roher is one of the lovliest filmmakers of all

Rob Licuria: I am still so upset I have no internet and very weak 3G. Of all days!!!

Ray Richmond: Me too. Four for four. I’d like a power outage at this point so I remain perfect.

Rob Licuria: Me too! This may the first time I’m 4/4 at this stage of the show


Chris Beachum: Whew! I’ve gotten documentary wrong at every event this whole season. But not tonight!

Marcus James Dixon: Documentary Feature was a fun race this year! Lots of various frontrunners at different times of the derby. But the right movie won.

Tony Ruiz: Yay!! Navalny was the best of the group!


Chris Beachum: This show is close to perfect, but the banter is just simply too lengthy.

Tony Ruiz: Love the subtle…ok no so subtle shade….to both Rock and Smith

Matt Noble: One persons false hope is another’s keeping someone on the conversation so they at least have a chance of winning.

Tony Ruiz: Look…I was right. Ray Was right…Sam was right. But it could have been anyone. No prediction was a bad one in this category

Sam Eckmann: Jamie never should have been in third place in our odds. SAG winner, Hollywood royalty, great rooting factor. Glad I stuck to my guns and got that one right

Matt Noble: Not all third places are equal Marcus

Ray Richmond: Rob, old school is the best school.

Rob Licuria: I’ve been offline all this time. I’m still struggling to get back online. But thanks to my old school TV aerial I can at least watch the show. I’m CRYING!

Daniel Montgomery: In the end it was actually Kerry Condon we gave the false hope to

Marcus James Dixon: Jamie Lee Curtis was THIRD PLACE in Gold Derby’s collective odds. Other contenders in third: “All Quiet” for picture, Todd Field for director, Riseborough for actress, Farrell for actor. Nothing is ever a lock!

Daniel Montgomery: Don’t blame us for giving Angela Bassett false hope, blame the Hollywood Foreign Press and Critics Choice Association

Luca Giliberti: False hope, lmao.Nick Bisa: Oh thank god

Ray Richmond: Oh “Women Talking” is still winning Best Picture.

Jaclyn Ben-Porat: twitter just blamed us for giving angela ‘false hope.’ she’s angela bassett. i think she’s okay

Nick Bisa: More pressingly, I wonder how those 10 chaps r feeling about their Women Talking prediction

Charlie Bright: Marcus, you still feeling good about your All Quiet prediction in Best Picture?

Jaclyn Ben-Porat: considering sofia carson is best known for the disney movie ‘the descendants’ this is pretty good

Chris Beachum: This was a directing/producing mistake. You never follow up what will be considered high-point moments (2 acting awards) with anything but a commercial. It’s not fair to whoever has to follow. And you never follow a memoriam with anything but a commercial.

Jaclyn Ben-Porat: 100% agreed. i rooted for stephanie

Ray Richmond: The whole movie is weird, but ingenious.

Charlie Bright: It’s such a strange role to win an Oscar for. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic for her and she’s fantastic in the movie, but it still feels incredibly weird.

Marcus James Dixon: So glad I didn’t switch! I would have dropped Angela for Kerry and still been wrong. Jamie gave an incredible speech!

Ray Richmond: Sorry Marcus. You gave it a good shot.

Charlie Bright: It’s nice of the Oscars to remind everyone that “Tell it Like a Woman” exists

Ray Richmond: The “EEAAO” sweep is on. Right on Jamie Lee!

Daniel Montgomery: Good news is I would have gotten it wrong anyway because I was torn between Bassett and Condon LOL

Denton Davidson: My last minute change was a dagger to the heart! I deserved that.

Jaclyn Ben-Porat: prob the first time ‘bae’ has been said on the oscars stage

Ray Richmond: Me too!

Tony Ruiz: Called it!!! So Lucky

SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Jamie Lee Curtis, “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

Ray Richmond: Hard to beat that acceptance speech.

Charlie Bright: Now for the real suspense

Ray Richmond: Lock and lock. 2 for 2!

SUPPORTING ACTOR: Ke Huy Quan, “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

Daniel Montgomery: I like it too, not just the one clip but a little overview of the performance

Luca Giliberti: This presentation is so slick. I love it.

Jaclyn Ben-Porat: yes from someone who had to track all their arrivals to post them

Chris Beachum: Have all 20 acting nominees been spotted in the audience?

Ray Richmond: Kimmel’s monologue truly delivered with great style and confidence and the perfect tone. And the audience clearly loves him

Chris Beachum: You’ve got 3 words there that are unacceptable: vegan, caramelized and onion. Yuck.

Charlie Bright: Dear God, Trader Joe’s vegan caramelized onion dip is delicious. Whoops. Wrong text box.

Ray Richmond: Fancy camera angles on the stage. Kudos to the director.

Chris Beachum: I LOVE having an orchestra back again in a very classy move.

Denton Davidson: They want to get Ke Huy Quan winning in first

Chris Beachum: Well, at least we all start out at 100% before falling off a cliff later.

Ray Richmond: Starting the night with a lock.

ANIMATED FEATURE: “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio”

Denton Davidson: Because when Condon wins they don’t want Bassett and Curtis fans tuning out because of a winner nobody knows.

Marcus James Dixon: Kids aren’t supposed to watch Pinocchio, it’s too scary!

Chris Beachum: Families with kids are watching and then go to bed.

Ray Richmond: Sounds like a particularly enthusiastic audience tonight.

Marcus James Dixon: Curious why they’re starting with animated feature, the biggest lock of the night.

Chris Beachum: For all the people clamoring for a Jungle Cruise reunion… Rock and Blunt.

Daniel Montgomery: Jimmy Kimmel is such a good, natural host. Nothing groundbreaking in that monologue, but set the right tone and walked the line between cutting and affectionate

Charlie Bright: Fantastic monologue
Marcus James Dixon: Woohoo I got Best Picture right!


Tony Ruiz: Kimmel is handliing the slap issue with such perfections

Marcus James Dixon: Wow it took him 13 minutes to make a slap joke!

Tony Ruiz: I love that Austin is sitting next to Angela, who gave him partial shade over his voice

Charlie Bright: He’s got a really good rhythm going with the monologue.

Luca Giliberti: A reminder that The Woman King deserved so, so, so much more.

Charlie Bright: He seemed nervous the first time, but tonight he’s very confident!

Marcus James Dixon: His jokes are biting but not mean. Perfect.

Ray Richmond: It’s very solid. Love the Rogen-Spielberg joke.

Tony Ruiz: Kimmel is killing it. This is a classic Oscar monologue

Charlie Bright: I’m sorry. Spielberg was a young director in the 1970s. OF COURSE HE’S SMOKED WEED BEFORE!

Jaclyn Ben-Porat: ke!!!!

Daniel Montgomery: The volume of the applause Michelle Yeoh gets at the mere mention of her name is huge, part of why I’m predicting her

Marcus James Dixon: Jimmy Kimmel is pulling a Jeff Probst by parachuting down into the program

Charlie Bright: I like that we’re back to the normal theater set up

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