I Have Discovered the Fountain of Youth and It Is a Blue Laser by LYMA That Fits in My Purse

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Upon first glance, the LYMA Laser is easily overlooked. Amongst the expanding world of beauty tech that boasts technicolor helmets of rainbow LED lights and face shields à la James Bond's Die Another Day, the options are seemingly an unending discotheque of beauty wonders. The LYMA Laser might be considered unassuming to the untrained eye -- a simple, sleek cylindrical object with a matte black finish. The sole marking that disrupts the device's smooth surface is LYMA's logo subtly etched on the side, barely visible on the obsidian exterior. The flat blue light on one end is a curious sight, making the whole device rather alike to a UV flashlight of sorts. Of course, this unassertive -- almost calming– blue light is precisely what sets LYMA's beauty device apart from the other tech in the market.

The blue light is quite distinctly the exact advancement that has the beauty world perking up in curiosity, perhaps even fumbling to grasp the technology that is so far ahead. Introduced as a breakthrough, LYMA’s laser utilizes a clinic-grade 500mW laser that is completely safe for at-home use -- the first of its kind. First developed for use in the medical industry, scientists made the discovery while developing a medical laser with technology that seemed to turn back time for skin -- wrinkles, pigmentation and scars were completely transformed, unlike anything else that was currently available in the cosmetic industry.

The result is, of course, the LYMA Laser. Perhaps one of the things that is most significant about the development is that it is optimized for all skin tones. Historically, the beauty industry has never been able to address the needs of individuals with darker skin tones. Laser therapy was unable to address dermal concerns related to darker skin tones being more susceptible to scarring compared to those with lighter skin tones. LYMA is challenging the standards of truly inclusive beauty by actually creating a product that is suitable for every skin tone, transforming wrinkles, rosacea, acne, scars, pigmentation, thread veins and cellulite within a matter of weeks. Using technology with zero (that’s right friends, ZERO) cellular damage, the LYMA Laser is the closest you can get to a fool-proof beauty product.

LYMA Portable Laser Therapy Lucy Goff Skincare Wellness Technology Interview
LYMA Portable Laser Therapy Lucy Goff Skincare Wellness Technology Interview

So that’s the science, but does it actually work? Alright, here comes the review. I had, in the past, been skeptical of laser therapy and especially at-home laser treatments. The time allowed for the laser on the skin was strict, with a user-beware mentality that warned of overuse and the consequences therewith. Basically "use me if you want beautiful skin but also don’t use me too much or put me too close to your skin or I’ll damage your face forever…alright, enjoy!" I had heard horror stories from the depths of the Internet, telling tales of those who failed to comply with instructions and had suffered burns from at-home beauty laser treatments. Which is why, understandably, I was a bit wary of LYMA's claims. Zero cellular damage. Are you sure? There is absolutely no way that you can overuse the laser. How is that possible? And the pièce de résistance: you only need 15 minutes a day with it. Okay, now you're just messing with me.

As absurd as the claims may sound, though, the LYMA Laser confronts every assertion and performs beautifully. A genuine game-changer. Every single claim comes to fruition in the form of authentic results. The regimen was so simple that it took literally no time to integrate into my daily beauty routine. I affectionately refer to the beauty step as my "Netflix and LYMA" indulgence – it is exactly what it sounds like: I watch my nightly evening of Netflix binge and simultaneously, almost absentmindedly, use my LYMA Laser (in upward circular motions, of course). A hot tip I received from a PR friend: apply face oil on top of the Active Mist and Priming Serum that comes with the Laser for an even smoother glide. Because the Laser uses a non-thermal physiological cascade (it never becomes heated), it is completely safe to use around the eyes and you don’t have to worry about using the Laser around sensitive areas.

Within a couple of weeks, I was already starting to see results. At first, there weren’t any drastic changes, just an obvious glow in my skin, no biggie. When I woke up in the morning, my skin felt bouncier and I could see a perceptible radiance that was not there before. Within a month, that's when the compliments started coming in. My wife was using the LYMA Laser with me at the same time while I was reviewing the product. She would use it for 15 minutes after me during my "Netflix and LYMA" routine. She has a bit of sun damage on her skin due to years of living in Hong Kong without using SPF (don't worry, I too was appalled. She only started using SPF on a daily basis after she met me. It’s quite shocking, I know).

However, after a disciplined month of using LYMA every single evening, she actually had colleagues asking her what makeup products she changed to, or where she had been getting her facials. Of course, there was no new makeup, and there were no facials. It was just LYMA everyday. And I have to admit, her skin did look fantastic – the pigmentation had drastically reduced and she looked healthy and luminous in only the way you can when you sleep for 10 hours. I, myself, was also ecstatic with the results. My skin felt years younger, restoring firmness and an even skin tone that seemed to diminish over the years because of stress, lack of sleep and general aging. I even stopped wearing tinted moisturizer and powder, because I really just didn’t feel the need to anymore with how great my skin looked. If I wasn’t a believer before, I most definitely am now. It's me, a laser therapy convert, a beauty tech follower and most importantly, an unwavering LYMA campaigner.

To find out more about the LYMA philosophy and how the brand came about revolutionizing the beauty industry, read our interview with founder Lucy Goff below. You can shop the LYMA Laser now at LYMA’s website, where you can also be introduced to the LYMA System that includes the Supplements that started Lucy’s entire beauty and wellness journey. For those in Hong Kong, you can also discover the LYMA Laser in person at the JOYCE Beauty Gadget Bar.

LYMA Portable Laser Therapy Lucy Goff Skincare Wellness Technology Interview
LYMA Portable Laser Therapy Lucy Goff Skincare Wellness Technology Interview

LYMA started as a journey to change the supplement industry and to create a product that is essentially all-in-one. What is the company's vision in reshaping the at-home beauty industry? How do the Supplement and Laser work together to create LYMA's ideal beauty and wellness routine?

When we started LYMA, we threw the rule book out the window, and reinvented the entire supplement category in the process. I’ve always believed that everyone can gain an advantage by being at their best. But the supplement industry doesn’t follow this ideology. Due to lack of regulation, over 90% of supplements are nothing more than placebo, and won’t deliver any meaningful benefits over and above eating a healthy balanced diet. LYMA is different. We are the first in the world to formulate exclusively with medical-grade, proven ingredients at proven dosages, to give people an edge in life and help everyone feel their best.

We’re committed to growing LYMA as a disruptor of the wellness and beauty industry, with the highest quality of ingredients, backed by the greatest evidence of scientific proof. Our mission is to revolutionize two industries that are desperately in need of a new way of thinking: the supplements industry, and the beauty industry. Both get away with selling you things you do not need and do not work. We want to offer people the best products that, if you commit to them, will change your life completely.

LYMA’s supplement and laser are both designed to combat inflammation: the Laser tackles it from the outside, while the Supplement tackles it from the inside. We’ve engineered them together as the ultimate end-to-end protocol.

The LYMA Supplement is able to address many different health issues -- including sleep, health, focus and anxiety, just to name a few. How is one supplement able to remedy all of these different problems?

Most supplements are just placebos: the ingredients they market themselves as containing aren't included in notable or consistent doses, and aren't provided in ways your body can absorb. And the alarming thing is, this is entirely legal. These companies are laughing their way to the bank after peddling snake oil to a confused consumer base.

Pharmaceutical drugs have to go through rigorous testing, safety and proof of efficacy, but any supplement brand is able to sell a crushed up herb, entice the customer with buzz words like “organic” and “plant-based” and market them as having a health benefit, which is crazy as it’s not been proven.

On the contrary, all LYMA’s ingredients have gone through the same rigorous process as a pharmaceutical drug, proven in preclinical and clinical trials, proven to deliver health benefits at specific doses and results published in leading medical journals. If we want a supplement to offer a health benefit, these are the lengths we need to go to, to prove they will deliver just that.

LYMA is not interested in promising anything it can’t deliver. Our formula was created by Dr Paul Clayton PhD, a leader in preventative aging. He always said, if a supplement is designed correctly, there’s no reason why you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our nine patented ingredients are more bioavailable than their organic counterparts, as well as dosed properly. With LYMA, you don’t have to hope it will address sleep, health, focus and anxiety, you know it will address these areas because each and every one of our patented ingredients has undergone millions of dollars of R&D to overcome limitations posed in its organic form and function as a preventative medicine, with the results published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

LYMA Portable Laser Therapy Lucy Goff Skincare Wellness Technology Interview
LYMA Portable Laser Therapy Lucy Goff Skincare Wellness Technology Interview

What is your personal beauty philosophy?

My focus is always on looking at the science. Hearsay and anecdotes are all well and good, but if you want to affect your body on a molecular level, you need to know how it’s doing that, and if it’s even possible to do so. Once you learn to interrogate what you're using, and what signs to look for, it makes the whole process much easier: so many possible investments and false pathways fall to the wayside when you learn how to read between the lines. Phrases like clean beauty and organic are a given. Just because something is organic doesn’t mean it can't get killed off by the acid in your stomach, or not be recognized by your body. In the main, you need to integrate a significant amount of technology into any plant or herb extract in order for it to deliver a health or beauty benefit. This is why we only use patented technologies in all LYMA's products as this is the only category proven to deliver an advantage.

The trend of tech gadgets within the beauty industry is growing rapidly. In your own words, what makes the LYMA Laser different from other offerings? Why should someone buy the LYMA Laser instead of other at-home beauty devices?

You've probably seen LED beauty gadgets, even if you’ve not used them: the LYMA Laser is one hundred times more powerful than this technology. Incoherent light, like LED, can never make meaningful change the way a coherent light from a laser can. You may have even tried other laser light devices, but these distress the skin to generate collagen, and can be harmful for people with black or darker skin tones. None of these are a safe, effective, long-term solution the way LYMA’s Laser is.

The LYMA Laser is a medical-grade laser. A device we've shrunk from the hulking units you are treated with in hospitals, into a portable device that still operates at the same power and fits in your handbag. Originally used to help rebuild muscle tissue and cartilage without breaking the skin, our doctors noticed that it had an astonishing effect on skin. The only at home beauty device able to reverse the signs of aging, treat everything from wrinkles, to scars, rosacea, acne and pigmentation and without damaging a single cell in the process. This is why it’s billed as the breakthrough beauty device of the decade.

The LYMA Laser is quite revolutionary when it comes to serving darker skin tones. Can you tell us a bit more about LYMA’s technology and how it compares with other lasers?

Traditional laser devices work through the stress/damage response, inflicting injury to the skin in order to stimulate collagen. However, this can be counter-productive. The more pigmented your skin is, the greater the risk of scarring through damage. This is because darker skin tones have more naturally occurring melanin in the outer surface, or epidermis. So, when new skin develops in the form of scars, the amount of melanin involved in the process is different from the rest of the surface skin, which causes darker pigment and uneven skin tone.

The LYMA laser works using cold near infra-red technology that enables all the benefits of laser photobiomodulation, but the breakthrough is that it doesn’t damage skin in order to renew, which makes it the only laser suitable for use on all skin types and tones. A true breakthrough for inclusive beauty.

Why is consistent use so important for the LYMA Laser? What is actually happening to the skin with daily use?

Consistent daily use of the LYMA Laser for the first 12 weeks is really important. The laser isn't damaging your skin, it's triggering a genetic switch inside each of your cells. The cells associated with aging are switched off and the cells associated with renewal are switched on. This is why daily use is critical when you first start using it, what you're doing is switching on more and more cells that had naturally died off as part of the aging process or been damaged through scar tissue or pigmentation; and you’re empowering the skin to behave like it did in your late teens with a huge surge in collagen levels. For the first time, people at home have access to a technology that doesn’t just slow down the aging process, but it actually starts to reverse it.

LYMA Portable Laser Therapy Lucy Goff Skincare Wellness Technology Interview
LYMA Portable Laser Therapy Lucy Goff Skincare Wellness Technology Interview

What is the difference between blue laser and other colors that are available on the market (red, pink, etc.)?

If you look at the light spectrum, each color has a different therapeutic benefit. Red for regeneration, blue for antibacterial and so on. However, most of the at-home cosmetic devices are LED, not laser. And LED isn’t able to deliver a benefit other than superficially. The LYMA Laser uses near-infrared low-level laser technology that is able to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, which is where it needs to reach in order for the skin to rebuild and renew. Near-infrared LED light will give you a nice glow, but not a lot else. In fact, the LED industry only really took off in the '90s, as the technology that allowed powerful lasers to be used in the home was not available, until now.

I like that there is essentially no wrong way to use the LYMA Laser – you can do it for any amount of time that fits into your schedule, and it’s even safe around the eyes. How is this technology actually explained? Why doesn’t the Laser get hot with use and why don’t I have to be cautious about how long I use the Laser for?

Over the years, I've tried so many devices and stopped because they were tricky to use. Standing in front of the mirror and trying to fathom out how to use them was just too frustrating. So I was determined the LYMA Laser has to be simple to use, which it is. You can sit on the sofa, put the TV on and easily switch off just slowly gliding the light over your skin. Because of LYMA's revolutionary, ultra-diffused technology, it's completely safe to use around the delicate eye area with no need for safety goggles.

The reason it doesn't get hot is exactly the same, the fact the single 500mW near-infrared laser beam is dispersed so many times (25,000 times to be exact!), removes all the heat from the laser, making it completely cold. We're not relying on the laser's heat to damage skin, we're relying on the near-infrared cold technology to regenerate and renew skin.

As it's a medical-grade device, it's undergone seriously extensive safety testing. This means you can safely use the laser as long as you have time for, without worrying about damaging your skin or overusing. In fact, I once used it on a flight from London to LA, watching back-to-back films. I’ve never arrived off a long-haul flight looking so refreshed, I went straight to a meeting looking as though I’d come out of a spa, it was brilliant!

What do you see for the future of beauty and wellness? And how does LYMA plan on playing a role in this?

COVID-19 changed everything. The way we work, the way we socialize, and the way we succeed. We've been forced to consider what matters to us most and who we want to be. We have been reminded that life is fragile and that we need to live it to the full every day, as 100% human. There's a reason LYMA is regarded as one of the most progressive complementary health and beauty brands in the world. We have spent years designing proven natural technologies that help our customers to take control of their own destinies. That’s why we’re the go-go brand for some of the world's most successful people. Because our products deliver an advantage.

As we move into 2022, we will see an increased focus on health span awareness; living healthy and disease-free. People are more invested in aging as healthily as possible, but the issue is that the wellness industry is worth considerably more than the pharmaceutical industry. And on the basis the bulk of the wellness industry is brands peddling snake oil, my hope is that more companies take an evidence-based approach. Replacing hope and hype with proven solutions. This is the future.