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Today on Game On, cosplayer Jasmine James aka Cutie Pie Sensei walks us through her favorite merch and her cosplay swimwear brand, Fira Wear

Video Transcript

- Hey, everyone. My name is Steph and welcome to "In the Know, Game On" where we'll delve into the hottest trends in gaming across multiple platforms and products. In this episode, we'll be discussing all things collectible. Posters, gaming, trading cards, really anything that a true gamer would be proud to put on display. Today, I am joined by Jasmine also known as Cutie Pie Sensei. Jasmine is a cosplayer, artist, and founder of Fira Wear, a sustainable company blending cosplay and swimwear. Jasmine, you have found a lot of success on TikTok posting your cosplay. How did you discover cosplaying?

JASMINE JAMES: With my husband, then boyfriend, and I were in college. We both went to Georgia Tech which is where Momo Con, which is a big anime convention here in Atlanta, and he was like hey, I feel like you would really enjoy this. You like video games. So he took me to it and went to the student center and that was it. I was at home. I saw people walking around in costumes and stuff, and I was like I need to do this, so.

- Is there like a particular character that you just love dressing up as, or like who was the first character that just-- that you dressed up as?

JASMINE JAMES: My first costume was Korra from the Legend of Korra. It's simple. I don't know how to sew so I can just hot glue this thing together. My current, like current favorite is Urbosa from Breath of The Wild. I really, really love that one. The wig is ridiculously huge and it's awesome.

- Is there any item that you've collected that you're super proud of and where did you find this item?

JASMINE JAMES: I have two, right? So my first one I would say is I have a collection of light sabers. You can see a couple. They're in the back over there. There's like three in the corner. I got three more downstairs. I have a lot of light sabers. The second thing is like plushies. Like in fact, I have a couple up here.

- Yeah, I was going to say. Do you have one in arms reach?


- So cute.

JASMINE JAMES: Literally arms reach. Look, I got my Mario Kart items.

- Where would you suggest a gamer look for collectibles?

JASMINE JAMES: It depends on what you collect. So--

- So let's say trading cards and posters, things of that such.

JASMINE JAMES: For me whenever I buy like special edition stuff a lot of times it is at conventions because a lot of times when you go, they will have like a limited edition item, where it's like, OK we're only selling it here. Another good place, this is more so for figures, I follow Good Smile Company because they have like their limited edition figurines and stuff too so if you're into it, there's different sources.

- What is your favorite part of being a member of such a passionate community?

JASMINE JAMES: Just making friends and meeting people. Like recently my husband and I, we went to Dragon Con and it was awesome. And we have the best time because there are so many people that I know in the cosplay community that you normally just talk to online. But when it comes to con time it's like, yo, we're going to be there. We're going to pull up so yeah, just being able to have like new friends and hang out in like one space.

- Jasmine, is there anything you would like to promote whether it be from your business or your social media? Now is your chance.

JASMINE JAMES: If you're interested in Fira Wear, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram @firaxwear and you can go to our website And just keep a lookout because we are about to have, you know, hoodies and joggers and legging soon so we're going to expand. And if you just want to follow me personally and see my costumes and stuff I am CutiePieSensei on all platforms.

- You're doing great. You're cosplaying, your business is going to be booming. Thank you so much for stopping by today.

JASMINE JAMES: Thank you so much. This has been awesome.

- Whether you're wearing your favorite gaming shirt, or searching for a rare piece of memorabilia, there are no limits to showing your dedication to your favorite games. I'm Steph and this is "In The Know, Game On" and we'll see you guys next time.