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Director's Reel: Richard Linklater Looks Back at 'Dazed and Confused,' the 'Before' Trilogy, and More

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment
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but never boring. Cool but never pretentious. Personal but never exclusionary.
Defiant but never disaffected. Funny but never too daffy. Always backed by a
kick-ass soundtrack.

are a few of the attributes of the characters and movies of Richard Linklater,
the Houston-born, Austin-based writer-director who burst onto the filmmaking
scene with micro-budgeted 1991 comedy Slacker.
Two years later Linklater dropped the ‘70s-set, future-cult classic Dazed and Confused, and this week he returns
with its “spiritual sequel, Everybody Wants Some.

between, the 55-year-old filmmaker brought us the beloved Before trilogy (Before Sunset,
Before Sunset, and Before Midnight), dabbled in
groundbreaking rotoscope animation (Waking
, A Scanner Darkly), cranked
kiddie tunes up to 11 in a family-friendly hit (School of Rock), and spent 12 years filming an undisputed
masterpiece (Boyhood).

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our latest episode of Director’s Reel,
Linklater strolls with us down memory lane and shares input from the making of
some of his best films (watch above). A few highlights:


disputes the notion that his breakout film (his second after 1988’s little-seen
It’s Impossible to Learn to Plow by
Reading Books
) was a "portrait of disaffected youth and all that. To
me it’s [about the] beatnik, hippie counterculture.”


doing these two large ensemble films, Slacker
and Dazed and Confused, I think I was
wanting to do a much more intimate film about two people [Ethan Hawke and Julie
Delpy] connecting,” Linklater said. “And that was really all my
impulse was.


said he wanted make a film about his childhood, but was having trouble settling
on one moment in time. "And I had kind of given up on the idea… when the
idea hit me. Oh, it’s all, 'What if I just filmed a little bit of every year?’
That’s the journey of maturing.”

Everybody Wants Some is now in theaters. Watch Linklater talk
about its relationship with Dazed and