Dinner Prep: These Turkey Basters Are Must-Haves for Anyone Hosting Thanksgiving This Year

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You can’t have Thanksgiving without a turkey. Imagine sitting down to enjoy your meal only to realize that you only have salt and no pepper for seasoning, or that you have a spoon but no fork; while you may be able to tough it out somehow, you’re sure to be reminded that something is missing. It isn’t enough to just have a turkey on Thanksgiving though; while the image of the perfectly browned and juicy turkey is inarguably quintessential to a successful holiday feast, everyone has their own opinions on how to achieve it.

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You might be surprised to learn that basting a turkey is something of a controversial topic. While there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer here, what we can say is that basting your turkey does come with benefits. In fact, basting helps the cook achieve that coveted golden-brown look and keeps the turkey from looking undercooked. More importantly, by basting your turkey, you’re giving the it more flavor; the drippings start by juicing up the skin but then make their way into the meat to give it that juicy taste you and your guests are craving. Only basting every 45 minutes or so will result in a perfectly delectable turkey.

Turkey Basting Buying Guide

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for turkey basters.

Design: While the concept is the same, not all basters are made the same. The most important takeaway is that your baster should be made of heat-resistant materials to avoid cracking or other damage.

Capacity: How much can your turkey baster hold? The average is typically around one to two ounces, but you can find one that’s smaller or larger depending on how big your turkey is.

Maintenance: Ultimately you want something that is going to be easy to clean and care for. Turkey basters are generally safe for dishwashers, however we recommend doing a quick rinse to get rid of hidden bits and fat. If your baster doesn’t come with a cleaning brush, you can purchase one separately; they are typically inexpensive and help get to those hard to reach areas

1. Liquid Solution Turkey Baster 5-Piece Set

liquid solution turkey baster
liquid solution turkey baster

Liquid Solution’s five-piece set is your one-stop shop for all of your turkey-basting needs. In addition to the stainless steel baster and silicone bulb, there are two brushes (one for basting and one for cleaning) and two injectors that you can screw onto the baster to send more juice directly into the meat, enhancing the flavor. All parts included are dishwasher-safe.

Liquid Solution Turkey Baster

Price: $13.99

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2. Gonebin 3-in-1 Turkey Baster, Silicone Brush and Needle Injector


This silicone turkey baster can also function as a brush and also inject and infuse flavor directly inside of the turkey, while also separating and straining fat in the process. How’s that for versatility? Available in three different colors.

Gonebin Turkey Baster

Price: $11.59

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3. OXO Good Grips Turkey Baster

The length of this turkey baster is angled to prevent you from getting burned. This is particularly helpful if you’re cooking a much larger turkey and need to evenly baste more surface area. The nifty built-in stand also prevents any spills or dripping from happening when you set it down on your countertop. The cone shape of the brush that’s included makes it optimal for cleaning hard-to-reach crevices. While this baster is dishwasher-safe, it’s recommended that you hand wash it to extend its lifetime.

OXO Turkey Baster

Price: $14.95

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4. Fox Run Glass Baster


Fox Run’s turkey baster is made from a heat-resistant glass and silicone bulb. In other words, need to fret about the possibility of melting or cracking it this holiday season. It’s also dishwasher-safe, though hand washing is strongly recommended. Also available in stainless steel and nylon.

Fox Run Baster

Price: $9.80

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