Dinner and a pinch of worry are served in a new clip from Don't Worry Darling

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Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Kate Berlant, and Gemma Chan in Don’t Worry Darling
Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Kate Berlant, and Gemma Chan in Don’t Worry Darling

What’s the perfect side for a meal with friends you have no memory of meeting? Some tense dinner conversation, of course! Served alongside some roasted potatoes and fish, a new clip from Olivia Wilde’s psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling boils up that worry-meter to levels that almost rival all the drama involved with the Spitgate fiasco.

In the scene, a typical 1950s-style soirée is underway when Alice (Florence Pugh) decides to abruptly ask another Victory housewife, Violet (Sydney Chandler), where she’s from. When she answers Philadelphia, so begins Alice’s pointed questions of bizarrely similar meet-cutes that the women all share with each other. “We’re told what we remember... until we try to remember things that they want us to forget,” says Alice, directing her accusation of memory tampering toward Victory Project’s leader Frank (Chris Pine).

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Don’t Worry Darling | “Dinner” Clip

Tired of munching on the appetizers and polite conversation, Alice serves up the main course of her dissent. “Frank is doing something to us,” she states, before Frank calmly turns around and diagnoses her with delusions and hysteria as a reason behind her current paranoia. He ultimately gains back control of the situation when he reveals that Alice sneaked off to the mysterious Victory Project headquarters, ending the clip with Alice’s husband Jack (Harry Styles) and the rest of the table looking at her in shock.

Don’t Worry Darling stars Pugh as Alice, a seemingly happy housewife that lives in the idyllic community of Victory, along with her husband Jack (Styles). However, Alice begins to question her perfect life and the mysterious workings at the Victory Project as strange occurrences begin happening around the town.

The Midsommar actor is supported by a cast that includes Harry Styles (My Policeman), Chris Pine (Star Trek), Gemma Chan (Eternals), Sydney Chandler (Pistol), Nick Kroll (Big Mouth), Kate Berlant (Sorry To Bother You), Timothy Simons (Veep), Douglas Smith (Big Little Lies), KiKi Layne (The Old Guard), Asif Ali (WandaVision), and director Olivia Wilde (Bablyon).

Don’t worry too hard, as you can see Don’t Worry Darling in theaters on September 23.