Diego Luna promises that season 2 of Andor will be everything that everyone wants it to be


The first season of Disney+’s Andor surprised everyone with how good it was—well, everyone but the existing band of Rogue One faithful, of which there are several of us—and star Diego Luna says that the team learned a lot of lessons from the first season that they’re taking in to season two. Speaking with Variety at the Miami Film Festival, Luna explained that the second season of Andor “ends where Rogue One starts,” and he insisted that they’re “not changing the ending” of the movie by playing with the timeline at all. “It has a beginning and an end, we all know what’s going to happen.” (Spoiler: Death Star’d!)

That being said, Luna noted that not only was the first season “well received and that people liked it,” but the creators “know why they liked it.” “We actually listen to audiences and critics,” Luna explained, “and we understand what things connected and what didn’t connect.” (Off the top of our head, the one thing that really didn’t connect in Andor was the interminable opening credits sequence… and that’s about it.)

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Luna said that, because they have this information about what worked and what didn’t work, and they’re jumping straight in to make the second—and final—season, this season “will end up representing the audience in a different way. Somehow, the audience is part of this season because the interaction we had served as inspiration.” In other words, he says the show is going to give everyone more of what they liked and less of what they didn’t, and it’ll be the show everyone wants it to be.

That probably means season two will have five or six killer monologues instead of three or four, and it will ignore other Star Wars stories even harder than Andor did, and also Mon Mothma’s stupid husband will be even more stupid. It will also probably introduce Cassian’s Rogue One buddy K-2SO. Maybe they’ll give Jyn Erso a nice cameo even though that risks breaking the canon… or maybe Galen Erso will be spotted in the background at some point writing “convenient exhaust port?” on a whiteboard.

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