Diddy Makes Directorial Debut With New Film, ‘Off The Grid,’ Inspired By Latest Album

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Diddy is making his directorial debut with his new film, Off The Grid, inspired by his most recent album, The Love Album: Off The Grid.

He and Ugandan actress Eva Apio—in her acting debut—tell the story of two lovers escaping the busy world and immersing themselves in a riveting whirlwind of passion, drama, chaos, and “the enduring spirit of love.”

In the two-minute preview, Diddy asks about the most spontaneous thing she’s ever done in life and “what kinda n***as she be f**king with?” Yet, Apio gets a bit deeper with her level of inquiry—retorting, “Would you say you have an unhealthy relationship with love?” The Combs Global mogul confesses to having had to “put love on a timeline” as glimpses of his relationship with the late Kim Porter flash across the screen.

Directed and written by the Harlem native, Off the Grid is described as “a filmic embodiment of the love story” told on his latest LP, which “represents Diddy’s genius, innovation, and ability to captivate audiences for over three decades.” This film also marks his eighth acting role.

According to a statement, Apio—a London-based actress, model, and philanthropist—was hand-selected by the Emmy-nominated actor after a daunting three-month casting process. “Working with Eva Apio was an incredible experience; her talent and energy brought my vision to life,” he explained.

Off The Grid is “coming to a theatre soon,” as teased at the end of the trailer and is being distributed by Diddy’s production company, REVOLT Films.

Watch the full Off The Grid trailer above.

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