Diddy’s Joker Costume Leads To Heated Exchange With ‘Power’ Actor

Sean “Diddy” Combs really got into character this Halloween, as he dressed as Batman’s archenemy, The Joker. However, his Oscar-worthy performance almost landed him in a fight with Power actor Michael J. Ferguson, who may not have recognized him on Saturday night (Oct. 29).

In a viral clip that has surfaced, an unrecognizable Diddy is dressed as the Heath Ledger character, donning a purple trench coat, green hair and “Joker” makeup. He even toted a toy machine gun and fake grenade launcher, all while portraying the maniacal supervillain. As the Bad Boy CEO taunted the streets of Los Angeles in his costume, his dramatics rubbed some the wrong way, including Ferguson.

The clip shows the actor, who plays Francis “2-Bit” Johnson in 50 Cent’s hit series, face-to-face with Puff and calling him “pu**y” in front of a crowd. Still in character, Diddy, who also goes by Love, let out a “Joker” laugh before responding with, “You’re a clown!” Taken back by the seriousness of Ferguson, Puff stepped out of character and checked the vibes.

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“What’s up, baby? You don’t like me?” Puff said. “Then muthafu**ing get to it, ni**a. If you don’t like me, you muthafu**ing fronting. Get to it, bi**h. Don’t fu**ing play with me on Halloween. I’m out here with love, ni**a.”

“What up?” Ferguson barked back as Diddy replied, “It’s what up then, ni**a! Come on here and I’ll bust yo sh*t! You fu**ing pu**y, make sure you won’t never talk to me like that, ni**a. I’m love, ni**a! Yo, we’re having a good time. Why you wanna come at me like that, god? You got a problem? You really taking over my energy right now? What did I do to you? Do you know who I am?”

Feeling moved to reveal his identity to Ferguson, who may have been unaware of who he was about to fight, Diddy said, “It’s Puff. Come here, give me a hug.”

He then told Ferguson, “You’re lucky ’cause I’m really about that.”

“I’m with it, too,” the actor responded before giving in to Love’s hug.

Diddy let out a hysterical laugh and then invited Ferguson to “come to the afterparty and change your vibration,” as he went back into “Joker mode.”

In good spirits again, Diddy also stopped Tyler, The Creator in traffic and taunted him. Unlike Ferguson, Tyler smiled from ear-to-ear, enjoying every second of Diddy’s theatrics. “This is top tier,” he responded.

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