How Did We Miss the Moment of Kim Kardashian Giving Us Acid Green XXL Hair and Contacts?

There isn't much that the KarJenners can do to surprise us anymore as we know to expect the unexpected when it comes to them switching their hair colors, nails and makeup choices up. However, Kim Kardashian definitely gave us a bit of whiplash when she revealed her sporty, lime-green hair reveal for a SKIMS Swim campaign.

Kimmy took to Instagram to show off BTS shots from the shoot this past February. Of course her go-to hairstylist Chris Appleton styled the look we see of her XXL platinum blonde tresses making their appearance. Within another shot, we see a few images of her giving hair porn with the same butt-grazing length but only in a sharp acid-green color. However, the still pictures alone do not do the color justice as they matched the tone of a lime green beach towel and a sports car. Taking the green moment to the next level, her eyes were also a piercing shade of the color. She put her eyes on "Motorsport." How very Karjenner of her.

Who knew that we'd get all of this green from Kim K in 2023, but I'm telling you it put us all in a better mood to see her BTS clips of a stunner moment. Take a closer look ahead.