Did Kim Kardashian Convince Kanye West To Delete Racy Images Of Wife Bianca Censori?

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Kanye West has completely wiped his Instagram account after weeks of the rapper sharing very raunchy photos of his wife, Bianca Censori, much to the dismay of his fans.

His recent penchant for posting photos of Censori in scandalous clothing has caused West to receive backlash, with many criticizing him for seemingly deviating from his Christian faith.

While West's reason for wiping his Instagram page is unclear, it may be tied to the rapper's recent reunion with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian at Nobu or his upcoming album, "Vultures."

Kanye West Wipes His Instagram Page After Nobu Date With Kim Kardashian

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West has undergone the routine purge of his Instagram account as he recently wiped his page clean of all content, especially those raunchy images of his wife, Censori.

The rapper had come under fire recently for posting multiple scantily clad images of the 29-year-old, with many finding them degrading and some questioning West's Christian faith.

While his Instagram page is currently empty, the rapper still has some racy snaps of Censori up on his Instagram Stories, with one particular photo featuring the model wearing a huge fur hat, a tank top with the word "WET" spelled out, and a black thong.

At the moment, it's unclear why West decided to delete his Instagram photos. However, it may be tied to the date he had with his ex-wife, SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian and West were recently spotted together at Nobu restaurant along with their kids for their eldest daughter North's dinner party with her school friends.

The former couple arrives separately, with Kardashian rocking a black tube top underneath a velvet trench coat and high-waisted fur pants. West, for his part, donned a black leather bomber jacket on top of jeans and had his entire face covered in a hosiery mask.

The "Love Lockdown" rapper's wife, Censori, was absent from the event, and shortly after, West wiped his Instagram page.

The Rapper's Upcoming 'Vultures' Album May Be The Reason

Kanye West Caught Wearing Shirt Featuring A Neo-Nazi After Apologizing To Jews
Instagram | JPEGmafia

West wiping his Instagram account could also have a lot to do with the forthcoming release of his new album, "Vultures."

The controversial rapper announced last week that his "Vultures" album will be released in three volumes starting in February.

Dates for the first part release of his collaboration with R&B singer Ty Dolla $ign have been set as February 9, with the second part coming in on March 8 and the last on April 5.

The announcement follows the release of a video trailer for the project that featured clips of a burning home, figures disguised in black cloaks, wolves, and more grueling images.

West previously came under fire in November last year after a track off the album was released, with the lyrics reading, "How am I antisemitic? I just f—— a Jewish b—-." The rapper has since apologized to the Jewish community, noting he never intended to "hurt" anyone with his remarks.

Kanye West Allegedly Banned His Wife From Social Media

Kanye West is seen in Milan for fashion week

According to a recent report, the 46-year-old Yeezy Founder barred his wife from social media in a bid to protect her.

Sources close to the situation alleged that West intentions are to protect Censori from negative comments on the internet. However, friends of the architect have slammed the move, claiming that it is a part of the rapper's "creepy" plan to isolate her further and continue his "controlling" patterns.

An insider who spoke to the news outlet shared that Censori had always had social media and was active on it until she met the "All of The Lights" rapper, but that has seemingly changed as West "doesn't want her to have it because he thinks that it will hurt her if she had to read the nasty things that people say."

"He convinced her that, since she is a star now, she has to remain a mystery, and it is creepy to those who know her as it feels like another form of control," the source added.

Censori's friends also called out West for sharing racy photos of her on Instagram. An insider said, "He is pushing her nakedness all over his own [account] so that he can control her narrative. It is disturbing, and by shutting her off from the world, he is causing her to become more and more isolated."