Did Aidan’s 'And Just Like That' Jacket Come From John Corbett’s Own Closet?

The show's costume designers share the story behind the Belstaff jacket, plus more on Aidan's "stealth wealth" style

<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty, Gotham/GC Images</p>

Kevin Mazur/Getty, Gotham/GC Images

When John Corbett stepped back into the picture as Aidan Shaw on episode eight of And Just Like That's second season in July, he did so in serious style thanks to a belted Belstaff "Trailmaster" jacket that retails for $595.

But Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker) former flame did more than just set social media aflutter with his general appearance — that waxed-cotton jacket, which features a plaid flannel lining, immediately got people talking. And part of that chatter was when people realized that the structured jacket felt just a little bit too familiar.

Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast host Amanda Hirsch pointed out that the jacket had striking similarities to — read: it looks like exact same as — one Corbett, 62, wore for the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice premiere in 2016.

<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty</p>

Kevin Mazur/Getty

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Hirsch shared a photo on her Instagram Story of Corbett sporting the jacket right after sharing a photo of Aidan on the show wearing the (same?) jacket. What's rattling even more brains is that both looks are styled so similarly: black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots.

To get to the bottom of this fashion mystery, we reached out to AJLT costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, who run the Instagram account @andjustlikethatcostumes. "[John Corbett] previously owned a Belstaff and he suggested it as his only jacket for the show," Rogers tells PEOPLE. "He felt like it was a classic silhouette and had a cool vibe but wasn’t trendy, as he did not want to be in traditional outerwear."

The pricey, yet understated, piece is representative of Aidan 2.0 (or really, 3.0 since diehard SATC fans remember the character's glow-up when he returned in season 4), who sold his furniture business to West Elm “for quite a pretty penny," as Bradshaw says on the show. He's more polished now, but since he travels a lot for work, he wants to be comfortable, says Rogers, of her approach to dressing the character.

"He’s the most 'stealth wealth' in the show," Rogers says. "[He'll wear] a cashmere sweater, but it’s not flashy in any way. There are no visible labels."

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According to Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field, Corbett always had a vision for his character's outfits and wasn't shy about introducing his own clothing to the show.

Field told The Guardian in February that he not only persuaded her to add turquoise jewels to his costume, but Corbett also managed to incorporate some of his closet pieces – a suede jacket and white cowboy shirt – into Aidan’s wardrobe.

<p>Craig Blankenhorn/Max</p>

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

In a 2021 Glamour interview, the Rebel star revealed he was allowed to "keep every item of clothing I ever wore on the show, down to the Calvin Klein tighty whities whenever I was in a bathroom scene with Carrie” – with Fields’ approval of course.

Another SATC moment that's forever immortalized in his closet? The white shirt worn in the episode where Aidan says, "You broke my heart," after Carrie tells him she wants to get back together.

"I got everything, and this was expensive stuff! The shoes that I wore were Prada and $700 and I still wear those," he also told the outlet.

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