Diablo 4 players have already found a simple way to boost your DPS by 30%

 Diablo 4 screenshot
Diablo 4 screenshot

After just a few days with the game, Diablo 4 players have already discovered a simple way you can increase your DPS by 30%.

The full release of Diablo 4 is still more than two months away, but last weekend's open beta gave players a taste of what they can expect when the full game arrives on June 6. One player who recently went hands-on with the game found a sneaky way you can significantly boost your attack speed, and has shared their discovery on YouTube.

In the video, which you can check out below, RaizQT explains that you can use a trick known as animation cancelling in Diablo 4. This involves interrupting an attack midway through and lets you chain attacks together more quickly than you would normally be able to.

Using the Rogue class, the player demonstrates the normal speed at which you can use the Puncture skill, which sees your character fling blades a short distance in front of them. It's pretty speedy, even when you're just holding down the attack button, but if you repeatedly click the attack button while also holding down the move button to cancel the animation, you attack much faster.

According to RaizQT, it normally takes 3.42 seconds to do the attack ten times, but this method allows you to do the same in 2.37 seconds, resulting in a 30% DPS increase without using a macro or scroll wheel. "You can do this with any class and any ability", RaizQT explains. "If you like spam clicking your button the whole time, you're going to love it."

It remains to be seen whether or not Blizzard will fix this before launch, but some aren't convinced that things will be any different in the full version. Over on the Diablo 4 subreddit, one fan writes, "This will not be fixed on release or maybe ever. You people seem to forget who makes this game. "

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