Detective C-Dramas Like Frozen Surface: Age of Legends, Head Above Water & More

Photo Credit: Weibo and IMDB
Photo Credit: Weibo and IMDB

Ongoing C-drama Frozen Surface has quickly become a fan favorite because of its unique and complicated storyline. The drama features prominent actors like Chen Jianbin, Hu Jun, and Deng Jiajia. The director of Frozen Surface is Xichuan Zang. The thriller follows the story of Captain Guan Yu of the Lanhe Criminal Police as he attempts to solve a series of mysterious murders around Lanhe. Frozen Surface is a story of jealousy, betrayal, and a father’s undying love for his son.

The list below contains other C-dramas that have a similar concept, including Age of Legends, Head Above Water, Detective L, etc.

1. Age of Legends

This 2018 thriller follows the story of Lin Zi Guang (William Chan). He returns to his hometown after many years, only to run into trouble with an individual connected to a crime organization. When the organization threatens one of his father figures, Lin Zi swears to take revenge. Detective Hu Rong (Ma Sichun) joins hands with him and the duo works together to expose the organization. But Lin Zi doesn’t remember much about the time he spent outside and is also hiding a mysterious past.

Age of Legends is available for streaming on Viki.

2. Head Above Water

Photo Credit: IMDB
Photo Credit: IMDB

This C-drama came out in 2017. In this spy drama, someone steals classified information from Unit 301, a facility involved with the development of top technology, and a special task force is formed to investigate. Top detective Hong Shao Qiu (Jin Dong) and his assistant Ye Han (Han Yuqin) lead the team and attempt to solve the case within 60 days. In the process, they risked their lives.

Viewers can watch the drama on YouTube on the official channel of CN Drama.

3. Detective L

This 2019 C-drama, starring Bai Yu and Una You in the main roles, is set in the Republican era. In 1930s Shanghai, a freshly graduated student of the police academy joins the investigation unit. Luo Fei (Bai Yu), a famous detective joins hands with her as they solve various cases. But a bigger conspiracy is slowly approaching them.

Detective L is available for streaming on Tencent Video and We TV.

4.Breaking Dawn

In this 2019 iQIYI original a team of cops fights against crimes. They bring down several drug-lords. After facing a tragic incident, agent Guo Yang (Yang Shize) retires from the force. But when a powerful drug syndicate emerges, he has to come back. He teams up with undercover agent Zhang Chen (Ryota) and together they attempt to fight against the crime organization.

Viewers can watch Breaking Dawn on iQIYI.

5. The Long Night

This iQIYI drama came out in 2020. The drama stars Bai Yu and Liao Fan in the main roles. Mysteries get entangled when a prosecutor finds out that a murder is being used as a cover to hide an even more heinous crime. He swears to reveal the truth. In the process, he distances himself from his loved ones and loses his reputation. He spends 10 years trying to get to the bottom of the case.

The Long Night is available on iQIYI for streaming.

Other C-dramas that are quite similar to Like Frozen Surface are The Dance of the Storm, Day Breaker, S.C.I etc.

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