Dermot Mulroney reveals Billy Eichner broke his toe while they shot American Horror Story : 'I used the agony'

Turns out the violence depicted in American Horror Story sometimes extends beyond the fictional scenes we witness — or at least it did on one occasion. Dermot Mulroney has revealed that one of his costars actually injured him while they were filming American Horror Story: Cult in 2017.

"I had very little clothes on and I was about to get stabbed in the head," Mulroney recalled in a new interview with PEOPLE. "And I had my toe broken by Billy Eichner."

In the scene in question, Mulroney's character Bob Thompson is being attacked by a group in an attic that includes Eichner's Harrison Wilton. The clan proceeds to murder Bob on camera, and according to Mulroney the real pain he was suffering helped his performance.

"I didn't have shoes on, and all the guys that were trying to stab me did," the 59-year-old actor said. "I was already screaming, so I just used the agony."

AHS: Cult
AHS: Cult

FX Dermot Mulroney and Billy Eichner in 'American Horror Story: Cult'

But the harm caused wasn't obvious to everyone working on the hit Ryan Murphy anthology series — least of all Eichner. "This will be him learning about it," Mulroney said. "I guarantee he doesn't know."

Representatives for Eichner did not immediately respond to EW's request for comment.

Mulroney may or may not be getting stabbed in his latest project, Scream VI, in theaters now.

Read his full interview over at PEOPLE.

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