Depop seller tries to advertise stolen seat cover as crop top

An anonymous seller posted a photo of themselves on Depop in a stolen train seat cover and advertised it as a crop top. Depop is a social shopping platform where users can sell vintage or previously worn clothes for a fraction of the original price. The U.K.-based post showed a woman in a Chiltern Railways seat cover that read, “Keep this seat free to maintain social distancing when possible”. The caption added that the seller had “different sizes” and listed the tops for sale at £15 (approximately $20 USD). The popular Twitter account, Depop Drama, circulated the post to its 56,000 followers with the caption, “I am lost for words”. Twitter had a field day with the top. “Depop is like an alternate universe in itself I swear,” one user replied. “That’s shocking,” another added. “I think I respect it”