Dennis Rodman defends LeBron James and confuses Tucker Carlson

Former NBA All-Star Dennis Rodman appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Thursday night. Rodman was there to address the recent fiasco between the NBA, LeBron James, China, and Hong Kong. “I think LeBron James understands,” Rodman told Carlson, “He understands, you know what, let the politics be politics, and let the basketball players be basketball players.“ Rodman played basketball throughout Asia, and visited North Korea where he befriended Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. So he is somewhat familiar with customs and societal norms in certain countries, like China. Rodman attempted to convey that athletes have to be careful what they say because Chinese fans are extremely loyal. “Every Asian country loves American people especially sports,” said Rodman, “Sports athletes understand that because they are very loyal to people.” While Rodman certainly stumbled at times in the interview, Carlson appeared to alternate between looking confused and patronizing. At the end of the interview, Carlson said, “I'm not sure I understood a lot of that but I really appreciate it.” He even told viewers, “By the way send us a text if you understood any of that.” Apparently many viewers have his cellphone number.