Denise Richards Says Using This Whistle Helps Her Stay Calm And Grounded

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From Women's Health

Forget essential oils, scented candles, and bath bombs. Actress and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards has found another way to keep her stress on check and that's the Lovetuner Whistle.

Denise added the whistle to her list of things she can't live without for The Strategist. "I know it might sound odd, but if you try it, you’ll see that it immediately changes your state of being. It’s very calming," Denise told the site. "Anytime I’m feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, it helps ground me. And we could all use that right now, during a time when there’s a lot of anxiety and uncertainty."

While the Lovetuner could be described as a whistle, it's really a single tone flute that makes a sound at 528 Hz. A study published in the Journal of Genes and Genomics found that the frequency can induce the production of testosterone and in turn reduce anxiety-related behavior in rats, though this theory has yet to be tested in humans.

Still, designers of the Lovetuner claim it can reduce stress and anxiety within seconds and is meant as a tool for practicing mindfulness through deep breathing exercises.

To use it, you simply pull the Lovetuner out of its cap and gently blow into it to create a smooth, long note—not like the type of whistling you'd hear from, say, a crossing guard. After you finish exhaling through the whistle, you should then exhale through your nose before beginning another "tuning cycle."

The whistle comes with a strap, so that you can hold around your neck, or you can keep it tucked away in your purse.

Though it's celebrity-approved, you won't have to break the bank to enjoy the experience of a Lovetuner. You can get one for yourself for just $59. Worth it? You tell us.

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