Denise Richards' Car Allegedly Shot In Los Angeles Road Rage Incident

Actor Denise Richards, 51, and her husband, Aaron Phypers, 50, were allegedly the victims of a road rage incident on Monday.

Jill Fritzo, Richard's long-time publicist, confirmed to NBC News that the couple's car was shot while they were driving in Los Angeles, as first reported by TMZ.

Neither the Los Angeles Police Department, the California Highway Patrol nor the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department had any records of the alleged incident being reported to them or officers responding.

"We don't even know where it happened at this point," LAPD Officer Melissa Podany told NBC News.

According to TMZ, a source told them that Phypers was driving a Ford Shelby F-150 pickup truck near the Popsicle Studio in South Los Angeles, which is on Western Avenue just south of Slauson. Phypers, the source said, was having difficulty located the studio, where Richards was scheduled to do a day of filming for her new project — the movie "Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace," in which she plays a weapons expert.

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The source told TMZ that the other driver began shouting and trying to pass them because Phypers was driving too slowly. The outlet also reported that, when Phypers let the man pass, the enraged driver fired on Phypers' vehicle.

Denise Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers
Denise Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers

Denise Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers. Photo: Getty Images

The rep confirmed to NBC News that Phypers was slowing down to look for street parking in the area when another driver opened fire on the couple's truck.

TMZ has a photo of the vehicle, with an apparent bullet hole on the back of the driver's side of the car.

Richards, the source said, reported to the set crying, and a member of the production staff reportedly called the police.

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The actress reportedly did the full shoot that day, after which both she and Phypers were "escorted" back to the freeway by an ex-cop who was working as security on the set.

Producers, TMZ said, were scheduled to hold a gun safety meeting for the cast and crew that day.