Demi Moore's memoir claims Ashton Kutcher cheated, she had miscarriage at 6 months

Demi Moore’s upcoming memoir, Inside Out, gives new meaning to “tell-all.”

Ahead of the book’s release on Sept. 24, the Ghost and G.I. Jane actress been doing press. In addition to her five-alarm Harper’s Bazaar cover story — for which she posed nude at 56 — she dished to the New York Times, which previewed the book and its explosive revelations.

And make no mistake — there are a lot of jaw-dropping stories in the book, including a secret miscarriage, marital infidelity, a rape, drug addiction and her account of the drug-induced seizure she suffered partying with her daughter. Here’s what we know so far...

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She lost a baby, six months into her pregnancy, with Ashton Kutcher. Moore’s relationship with Kutcher, 15 years her junior, was tabloid gold. After they started dating in 2003 — and before they wed in 2005 — Moore became pregnant with the That ‘70s Show star’s child. However, tragedy came when she was six months along and suffered a miscarriage. Moore revealed that they had a name — Chaplin Ray — picked out for the baby girl and everything. Moore had started drinking again after years of sobriety blamed herself for the loss. They later attempted fertility treatments but they were unsuccessful and as a result, her drinking became worse and she started abusing Vicodin.

She claims Kutcher cheated on her. When Moore and Kutcher split, it was amid reports he hooked up with two women in a hotel hot tub. While her book presumably goes into detail about the end of their marriage, the New York Times notes that as her addiction worsened, she learned that Kutcher had cheated. They separated in 2011 and divorced in 2013. (Kutcher, now married to Mila Kunis, didn’t respond to the paper’s request for comment.)

Moore was raped at 15. The star had a troubling upbringing with Moore being called on to save her mother during her suicide attempt by literally pulling pills out of her mouth. She also revealed that she was a victim of a sexual assault at 15. By 16, Moore had enough of home and moved out. Soon after she fell for married musician Freddy Moore and they were married in 1980.

She cheated on her first husband. A young bride — at just 18 — Moore revealed that she quickly sabotaged the union with her infidelity. They divorced in 1985.

She claims her marriage to Bruce Willis ended because he didn’t want her to have a career. Moore and Willis were a Hollywood power couple — and the world obsessed over their uniquely named daughters and their picture-perfect life in Hailey, Idaho. While their separation was a surprise in 1998, it wasn’t to her. She said things quickly fell apart which she attributed in part to the Die Hard actor being ambivalent about her work despite her being one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. She said Willis felt her roles took her away from their family. At one point, she claims he said he was unsure if he wanted to be married. (Willis didn’t comment either, but they are still friends. She attended his vow renewal to his second wife in March.)

She confirms that she suffered a seizure while partying with her daughter Rumer. After her split from Kutcher, Moore continued to spiral. In 2012, she suffered a drug-induced seizure after smoking synthetic cannabis and inhaling nitrous oxide while partying with Rumer and her daughter’s friends. It made headline news. Moore later sought treatment in rehab and said it included trauma, codependency and substance abuse therapy.

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She’s been sober (again) in her fifties. In the book, she details her addictions. Abuse of alcohol and cocaine in her twenties led her to get sober the first time. (She said that mistreatment of her body went hand-in-hand with binge eating and obsessing over her weight.) However, she started drinking again in her forties, which led to Vicodin abuse — and dabbling with other things — like synthetic marijuana. As she headed into her fifties, she got sober — after the seizure and amid autoimmune and digestive problems which led to her “organs slowly shutting down.” She said in addition to her rehab treatment, she worked a doctor whose specialty was integrative medicine physician to improve her health problems.

While she and her three daughters appear close, they’ve had rough patches, including estrangement. Leading up to Moore’s seizure and hospitalization, she had prickly relationships with her two youngest children, Scout and Tallulah, who were upset with what the New York Times called Moore’s “hedonistic behavior.” After the seizure, which Rumer witnessed, all three of her daughters started “shunning” her. That had been widely reported at the time — in 2012 — but not confirmed. They reconciled two years ago, according to the article.

The girls spoke about their mother’s book, which they read and approved before it was published. Needless to say, while they are proud of their mom, it’s overwhelming at the same time. Scout admitted that the book conjures trauma they experienced growing up, including body-image issues and substance abuse.

“It’s challenging because she’s making this amazing effort to put out the most vulnerable moments of her life,” Scout told the NYT. “It just happens that it also coincides with some of the most challenging and traumatic times of mine.”

Inside Out: A Memoir will be released on Sept. 24. Pre-order it here.

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