Demi Lovato addresses the idea of having kids after coming out as nonbinary

Following the harrowing 2018 overdose that nearly took their life, Demi Lovato, 29, has wasted no time showing the world what starting over looks like.

In a new interview with the Today show on Thursday, Lovato elaborated even further, speaking about their life, their gender identity and whether or not becoming a parent is in the cards.

“I don't know,” Lovato told Hoda Kotb about the prospects of having kids. “I used to really want that, and then, as I'm approaching my 30s without children, it's pretty nice. I have maternal instincts, I love my animals, and I used to really think that one day I would love to be a parent.”

They added, “I'm going with the flow and if life presents itself with a child in the future, then it does, and we'll take it. We'll see what happens.”

The singer and activist has certainly been busy. This year alone, they came out as nonbinary and pansexual, and dove into multiple projects, including the hit podcast 4D With Demi Lovato and the Peacock series Unidentified, which attempts to uncover the truth about UFO phenomena.

Furthermore, they have also used their platform to raise awareness around issues faced by the LGBTQ, including discussions about being nonbinary and gender-nonconforming.

“I came to the realization that I’m equally as masculine as I am feminine,” Lovato said. “I may be wearing a dress and heels right now but I don’t identify as being just a woman or just a man. I identify as both.”

Lovato has spoken openly about having patience for those who misgender them, explaining to Kotb that even they misuse their own pronouns sometimes.

“I say things like, ‘I can’t wait to be an aunt one day’ and I’m like, wait what word do I use?” they said before adding, “I think for that one we’re going to use ‘auntcle’.”

The prospects of having children also extend to finding romance. “I’m very fluid,” they acknowledge. “I identify as pansexual. I’m attracted to human beings and it doesn’t matter what you identify as. If you're nonbinary as well, if you are a straight man or if you're fluid as well, I don't hold myself back from sharing my love with anybody.”

Regardless of where life goes, Lovato said they’re “pretty happy” and “very content” at where they are right now. And that’s all that matters.

“I definitely take time for myself,” Lovato said. “Luckily, I’m in a position in my career where I’ve kinda paid my dues a little bit. I’ve been around the block. So I don’t have to run myself into the ground like I used to when I was first starting out.”

“I was running out of fumes when I made a lot of bad choices in my life before,” they explained. “Now I can say that because I found balance in almost every sense of the word, I feel better. I feel like I’m in a great place.”