Deltarune's creator acts out whole chunks of the game to his devs, and apparently, it's "the optimal way to experience the story"

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Toby Fox, the developer of Undertale and Deltarune, is known to act out chapters of their game to the rest of the team like "a live radio drama," according to one of the devs working on the project.

As highlighted by the Twitter user below, in the latest Undertale/Deltarune newsletter, more specifically in the developer interview portion of the update, one of the developers known as Chess (referred to as "a career streamer & hobby game dev who's been acting as a sort of 'Toby's Little Helper' since late in Undertale's development") revealed one of their fun memories working with Toby.

"When Toby needs to explain the plot of a chapter to us. Rather than having us each skim a written plot summary, he'd basically act out a live radio drama of the entire chapter himself," Chess answers. "He'd read all the dialogue aloud with character voices, play the appropriate music for each scene, the works. I'd even be prompted to make choices where appropriate. Truly, the optimal way to experience the story of Deltarune."

It isn't just Chess who's a fan of Fox's re-enactments. Underneath this part of the interview, Jean Canellas, another developer on the project, added: "Extra shout out to how fun it was to hear Toby read the chapter with the team, and that one time we discussed Toby's graph of what he thought the popularity of each character from Chapter 2 would be over time." Clearly, there's a lot of fun to be had working on Deltarune.

Fans of Undertale and Deltarune have loved hearing this bit of behind-the-scenes trivia, and have enjoyed imagining the developer acting out scenes from the game even more. "God, I hope he's been recording these," one fan replied to the tweet above. "This means somewhere out there are the intended voices that Toby has given his characters," another responded. "I want to listen to the Deltarune audio drama," another has said.

In the same update, Fox told fans that Deltarune Chapter 3 is "pretty much content complete," and will launch with Chapter 4.