Delmi Exo Reveals What Enticed Her To Sign With MLW, Who Else She’d Like To Get Signed

delmi exo
delmi exo

As Delmi Exo looks to certify herself as a singles star, Major League Wrestling offered her an outlet to do just that.

Last month MLW revealed the newest addition to their roster — the “God Queen” Delmi Exo. Throughout her initial appearances with the company in 2021, Exo was primarily featured alongside her sister, Ashley Vox, in tag team competition. Together as The Sea Stars, Exo and Vox carved out an impressive resume in tag team wrestling. After racking up multiple championships, the duo also landed some major opportunities in companies like AEW and IMPACT. As time went on, though, Exo began craving a little taste for the singles spotlight as well, so she revamped her look, and adopted a new moniker.

Now contracted with MLW, Exo hopes to continue building her brand as a singles competitor. Speaking with WrestleZone‘s own Ella Jay, Exo revealed what persuaded her to officially sign with the company now.

“I think because they offered me as a singles competitor and that was something that meant a lot to me. When I was reached out to work with them, it was for a tag booking initially and I informed them about Ashley being out with injury and just me working as a singles for this year. So, they seemed hesitant at first. I think just because on paper that’s the spot that they had and they were like, ‘okay.’ Then it ended up coming back and it was like, ‘All right, singles opportunity.’ Then as we talked through for the contract, it was just like, ‘okay, if there’s ever a time to be able to take a chance on myself, now is the time.'”

“I do like how free MLW is with the talent being able to put together their matches,” she continued. “They understand that like, ‘hey, we booked this person because we know they’re smart ring wise, [so] why would we try to dictate that?’ That’s something I’m like really appreciative of.”

As she embarks on a singles path now, Delmi Exo hopes to unseat the reigning MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship, Taya Valkyrie. “I’m looking for that belt. That’s a nice women’s title,” she said. “I think it’d be crazy to go all the way and get the World Women’s Championship. That’d be insane goal for me. I’ve never held a prestige title like that, and I haven’t held a title in quite some time. So, I am looking to take advantage and be on top of the division.”

When asked who she’d like to see join the women’s division next, Exo offered up some enticing options. “I would definitely like to see Jordan Blade get in the ring. She’s a killer, and she would do great. Catch wrestling is one of the items that they do have in MLW. I know she’s in Alex Kane’s group right now, but it would show what she can do.”

“Trish Adora has been there before. I would love to wrestle Trish at MLW. My girl, Brooke Valentine, I love Brooke. She would also kill it. She’s got such a strong, hard-hitting style, and she can just go with anyone.”

Delmi Exo is scheduled to challenge Taya Valkyrie for the Women’s World Featherweight Championship at MLW War Chamber on April 6.

Watch our full video interview with Delmi Exo below:

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