Deion Sanders, Colorado Buffaloes’ Embarrassing Loss Prompts Mixed Social Media Reactions

Deion Sanders and his No.19 ranked Colorado Buffaloes football team faced their biggest test this weekend as they took on the No. 10 Oregon Ducks. They lost in embarrassing fashion, which led to a myriad of reactions on social media.

This was a highly anticipated matchup given the visibility and money that Coach Prime has brought to the same team that went 1-11 last year, especially after defeating last year’s National Championship runner TCU Horned Frogs to open this season, plus wins over the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Colorado State Rams. The ensuing reactions following the Ducks’ 42-6 rout of the Buffaloes on Saturday (Sept. 23) accurately displayed how split the college football community and new fans were on the “Cinderella story” and their feelings toward Sanders.

“Damn Colorado losing one game and y’all cutting ties already huh?” one user asked. “So only when they winning and it’s no adversity y’all supporting. Y’all lack of loyalty is appalling every time I see it.” Another user paired the Buffaloes’ loss with the Denver Broncos’ embarrassing 70-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday (Sept. 24), writing “Tough 24 hours for the state of Colorado sports.”

Coincidentally, Jalen Ramsey, a member of the Miami Dolphins, chimed in as well. “Just my opinion: this is fine!” he wrote, quoting a photo ESPN shared of Oregon Ducks players showing off their watches in a similar fashion as Shedeur Sanders, the Colorado Buffaloes quarterback and Deion Sanders’ son, did the previous week. “Them boys competed, dominated & now they should pop they shid!… but mfs who was just waiting on Colorado to lose to talk shid about them or say ‘told you so’ like they not doing something special there, now that’s hating (unless Oregon affiliated).”

A large part of the conversation surrounding Coach Prime has been rooted in the feeling that coaches are insecure about how big of a celebrity he is, with some people even hinting at racism being involved. One woman, notably Caucasian herself, tweeted “Oregon is taking stand for all of us” during the game, which prompted over 8,000 quote tweets calling her out for being racist. Another Twitter user addressed how racists as a whole would feel about the win, writing “Racists ’bout to have a field day with this one. Damn Colorado…. #ColoradoBuffs.”

Deion Sanders has been loud and proud about the success of his team, but took the loss on Saturday gracefully. He was aware of Oregon Ducks head coach Dan Lanning’s pregame speech where he said the Buffaloes were “playing for clicks” while they were “playing for wins,” among other targeted comments.

“I don’t say stuff just to say it for a click, contrary to what some may say,” Coach Prime said in the postgame press conference. “Yeah, I keep receipts. But I’m serious, I analyze and I understand what we’re up against and what we have and what we need. One thing that I can say honestly and candidly: you better get me right now. This is the worst we’re gon’ be. You better get me right now. […] God bless him though, man, he’s a great coach. He did a great job. Take they shots, they won!” Check out the postgame press conference above.

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