Deer Crashes Through School Bus Windshield in Virginia

A deer crashed through the windshield of a school bus in Virginia’s Powhatan County on April 1, local media reported.

Footage from inside the bus, provided by Powhatan County Public Schools, shows a deer smashing through the windshield and landing on a student in the first row, before scampering to its feet in a panic. The bus driver was able to stop the bus and let the deer out through the front doors.

Powhatan Today reported that the driver was heading toward Powhatan High School shortly after 6 am when the deer flew through the windshield.

Brian Bartlett, the interim transportation director for Powhatan County Public Schools, told Powhatan Today that bus hit the deer “and it rolled up the hood of the bus and through the windshield.”

Linda Hockaday, also of Powhatan County Public Schools, told Storyful no one was injured and said “the deer appeared to be safe as well.” Credit: Powhatan County Public Schools via Storyful