Debbie Reynolds's son Todd Fisher remembers his late mother buying back her 'Singin' in the Rain' dress after it was stolen

Todd Fisher recalls that his late mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, was such a fan of vintage Hollywood memorabilia that she snapped up items whenever she could, however she could.

“My mother’s ‘Good Morning’ outfit from Singin’ in the Rain. For my 28th birthday, she gave me that dress, and I was like, ‘Wow, where did this come from?’” Fisher tells Yahoo Entertainment. “She said, hey, someone had stolen it, and they called her up and said, ‘Debbie, do you want to buy back your dress? And she’s like, ‘Yeah.’”

While the Oscar-nominated actress had many artifacts from Old Hollywood in her museum-caliber collection, including a pair of Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz, they weren’t her only prized possessions. Reynolds revered some personal items just as much.

“She had Carrie and my bronze slippers sitting next to the ruby slippers,” Fisher says. “When we were little kids, little tiny slippers, you know, baby shoes that you bronze. I thought that was funny. She was like, ‘These are my three pair of slippers. The Ruby Slippers and then my two children’s.’”

Fisher is now somewhat of a collector himself of cameras and lenses, some of which were used to film classic movies, such as Citizen Kane, The Shining and The Maltese Falcon. He gives some examples of how he uses them in a new short film about what his mother’s collection would look like captured on new technology with vintage lenses.

“The film that we are putting up was really made as a demonstration to show what the old lenses would look like on new technology, new camera technology, so a camera you and I could go out and buy tomorrow is going to produce an image for very little money that actually would rival the image from the $100K camera they were using to shoot back in the day,” Fisher says. “That’s pretty miraculous.”

Reynolds’s collection is astounding through any lens.

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