Dear Seattle Share New Single ‘Sungazer’

Dear Seattle | Credit: Pat O'Hara
Dear Seattle | Credit: Pat O'Hara

Dear Seattle have returned with a new single, entitled ‘Sungazer’. It marks their first new release of 2024, as well as the band’s third new single overall since the release of their second studio album Someday in 2022. Like previous two singles ‘Nothing’s Stopping Me Now’ and ‘idc’, the band recorded ‘Sungazer’ with longtime collaborator and producer Fletcher Matthews.

In a press statement, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Brae Fisher explained that the new single was about how there is “no one right way to go about your life”. “As a teen, I couldn’t understand how people didn’t see life the way I did,” he explains. “If I didn’t share those values with someone, I figured we weren’t supposed to share our lives.

“I’ve lost close friends to that mindset, and it sucks, but it’s taught me to accept that everyone is trying, and that the most important thing is that we’re all on the same journey towards happiness. To those friends I;ve lost: go do your thing. Be who you need to be, and just know that I’ll be here regardless, waiting for you with open arms whenever it’s needed.”

Dear Seattle – ‘Sungazer’

‘Sungazer’ is one of the final songs recorded with the band’s original drummer Josh McKay, who departed the band at the end of 2023. His final show with Dear Seattle took place at Crowbar on New Year’s Eve. Since then, the band has enlisted new drummer Lewis Armstrong, who has played in a series of Sydney bands such as Organs, Presque Vu and Blue Velvet – the lattermost of which was fronted by former Dear Seattle vocalist Samuel Bauermeister.

“It dips into some new territories and sonics, but still feels utterly true to us at its core – and that’s what I love about it,” Fisher said of ‘Sungazer’. “It’s a song I feel so personally connected to both lyrically and musically, and I feel like we’ve hit something truly unique to us.”

Dear Seattle are currently on an extensive regional tour, dubbed the idc tour after their 2023 single of the same name. Tonight (May 17), the band play at The Espy Bandroom in St. Kilda, before heading to San Remo and Rye in regional Victoria over the weekend.

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