Dear celebrities and rich people, not getting robbed should not be that hard

If Kim Kardashian being tied, bound, and held at gunpoint isn’t enough of an impetus for filthy rich celebrities to hire sufficient security, then what will it take? Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale is the most recent victim to have her home burglarized while she was away, and I can’t help but SMH.

Nestled in California’s San Fernando Valley, the 28-year-old’s home was robbed of $15,000 worth of jewelry and purses after the robber entered the property by smashing a window. Before Hale, the brand-new $8.2 million Encino, Calif., estate ofRHOBH’s Kyle Richards was broken into while her family was traveling to Aspen, Colo. More than $1 million of jewelry was taken from her closet over the holidays.

Richards, of all people, should recognize the precautions required when living in a home filled with expensive jewelry, as she is BFFs with Kris Jenner, who was particularly shaken after her daughter’s Paris robbery.

Other recent hits include Mariah Carey and Hilary Duff. Mariah freakin’ Carey needs 24-hour security, and we hope we are not the first people to inform her of this. If you’re sleeping comfortably in a diamond necklace, please be sure to staff up accordingly.

“Did we learn nothing from Kim?” asks Claudia Oshry on The Morning Breath.

The only person who learned something from Kim is Kim herself, who has admittedly subdued her look, has hired 24-hour security detail, and is even storing her jewelry in a storage unit away from her new mansion in Calabasas. Also, word on Rodeo Drive is that Kris Jenner lives across the street from Kim now, which is better security than even the Secret Service can offer.