‘Deadpool’ and ‘Logan’ Are Coming to Disney+, the Streamer’s First R-Rated Films

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“Deadpool,” “Deadpool 2” and “Logan” will all make their debuts on Disney+ this Friday, July 22, opening the floodgates to R-rated content appearing on the family-friendly streamer.

The films will be available in the U.S. and will be available within the Marvel collection.

Disney adds that with the addition of these new titles, “subscribers are invited to revisit their parental controls settings to ensure a viewing experience most suitable for them and their family.”

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The original “Deadpool” from 2016 and its sequel from 2018, both starring Ryan Reynolds as the “Merc With a Mouth” in his iconic skin-tight red jumpsuit, certainly earn their R ratings with a healthy helping of tongue-in-cheek vulgarity and some cartoonishly gratuitous violence. And “Logan,” the final Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart from 2017, is similarly one of the darkest and most sobering superhero movies in the X-Men franchise.

Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, had some fun with the announcement, tweeting out a series of fake MPAA red-band disclaimers saying that the heavy handed subject matter in films like “Snow White,” “Bambi,” “The Lion King’ and “Old Yeller” probably all deserve their own content warning.

Both of the “Deadpool” and X-Men” properties came over to Disney via its acquisition of Fox, and fans have been itching for years to see how Marvel would incorporate the potty-mouthed Deadpool and the X-Men into the MCU. They have also wondered what it would mean for the properties if the character suddenly had to be PG-13.

Disney has until now shied away from having any content above a PG-13 rating on Disney+, with titles like “Deadpool” and “Logan” previously only being available on Hulu, which Disney also co-owns. But this move puts more superhero content into one place, with only Sony’s “Spider-Man” trilogy not available on Disney+ as part of the MCU collection.

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