Deadpool 3 Sabretooth Set Photos Leak Explained

Deadpool 3 Sabretooth Set Photos Leak Explained
Deadpool 3 Sabretooth Set Photos Leak Explained
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After Deadpool 3 restarted its filming post-strikes, The Mirror shared a bunch of new set photos featuring a battle involving the titular character, Wolverine, and Sabretooth. So, here’s all you need to know about the return of the old X-Men character, and who plays him in the upcoming MCU outing.

Is Tyler Mane playing Sabretooth in Deadpool 3 set photos?

While the set photos don’t entirely confirm the actor, Sabretooth in Deadpool 3 is similar to Tyler Mane’s version. So, it’s likely that the actor is reprising his X-Men role.

The set photos above show a Sabretooth similar to the original version from X-Men (2000). Originally, it was the 56-year-old Canadian actor Tyler Mane who played the part. Because most old X-Men actors including Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, Kelsey Grammer’s Beast, and the original X-Men leads have all returned or are returning in the MCU, it’s likely that Tyler Mane has also been brought back to cameo.

But his casting is yet to be officially confirmed. It’s also possible that another actor could be sporting the same makeover as an homage to the past version.

However, the reason we know Sabretooth will only have a cameo is because the set photos confirm his demise, with Deadpool holding his decapitated head. The set reports also confirmed the involvement of Toad from Fox’s first X-Men movie.

Is Liev Schreiber also returning as Sabretooth in Deadpool 3?

Besides Tyler Mane’s Sabretooth, Liev Schreiber’s version of the character is also rumored to be in Deadpool 3.

Popular scooper DanielRPK/Daniel Richtman revealed that Liev Schreiber is set to return as Sabretooth as well. Since it isn’t coming from an official Marvel source, this scoop has to be taken with a grain of salt.

But with so many Fox mutants coming into play throughout Marvel’s multiverse movies, it’s quite likely that Liev Schreiber’s Sabretooth could also get a cameo in the movie. But it’s also possible for DanielRPK’s source to be incorrect.

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