Is Deadpool 3 in the MCU and Part of the New Avengers?

Is Deadpool 3 in the MCU
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With Deadpool 3 on the horizon, many fans are wondering “Is Deadpool 3 in the MCU?” and “Will The Merc With A Mouth be part of the New Avengers or Thunderbolts?” Here’s what we know about Wade Wilson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Is Deadpool 3 part of the MCU?

Deadpool 3 is part of the MCU. This means Wade Wilson will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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With the third installment, Deadpool is joining the MCU. The movie is expected to show Deadpool traversing between time and space, exploring different versions of Earth before finally ending up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During his multiversal adventures, Deadpool will encounter Wolverine, with Hugh Jackman reprising the role. It’s expected that other X-Men will show up throughout the film, with the movie acting as a big crossover between the Fox universe and the MCU.

Deadpool has been known to cause a lot of chaos, including the deaths of many heroes, when playing around with time travel and multiversal travel in the comics, so fans can expect a similar level of madness during Deadpool 3.

Will Deadpool be joining the New Avengers or Thunderbolts?

Deadpool is not expected to join the New Avengers or Thunderbolts.

While Marvel has been steadily introducing characters that are either confirmed or expected to appear in upcoming Avengers and/or Thunderbolts movies and TV shows, Deadpool is expected to remain a solo operator.

Though the comics do see Deadpool teaming up with other heroes, the MCU version is expected to remain a lone wolf, though he will team up with Wolverine for a little while. Of course, Marvel could flip the script and make Deadpool a team player, but that would be a surprise.

For more Deadpool 3 updates, Karan Soni says that the movie won’t feel different from the first two. Also, take a look Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine costume here.

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