'Deadpool 2' almost reunited the cast of 'Night Court' – and 5 other things you didn't know

Warning: Deadpool 2 spoilers ahead.

There are some brilliant gags in Deadpool 2 — and there was some pretty brilliant stuff left on the “metaphorical cutting-room floor” as well.

One bit screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (who penned the hit film with star Ryan Reynolds) sketched out but never filmed was a sequence that would have the eponymous Merc With a Mouth end up in court — specifically Night Court, where he’d go on trial as the cast of the popular ’80s sitcom reunited around him.

“He got busted for committing crimes, went to trial, and Harry Anderson was going to be the judge, and John Larroquette was going to be the prosecutor, and we were going to do a whole Night Court thing,” Reese told Yahoo Entertainment (watch above), with Wernick mentioning other names like Richard Moll and Markie Post in the mix for cameos. “There are any number of things that we try.” (The what-could-have-been Night Court reunion feels especially bittersweet considering the recent passing of Anderson.)

Among other cuts revealed by the writers and director David Leitch (Atomic Blonde) was that of a “traditional” Marvel supervillain (whereas Josh Brolin’s Cable and Julian Dennison’s Firefist qualify more as antagonists). “We had drafts where there were full-on villains,” Reese said. “And then we just decided, ‘Why are we trying so hard when it would work without?’ And so we decided to try it without.”

Reese and Wernick said they had versions of the story with both Mister X and Black Tom as the lead nemesis (Black Tom, played by Jack Kesy, has a very minor role in the film).

They also considered bringing back the Fantastic Four — both onscreen versions. In an end-credit scene that would expand on the X-Force interviews, “we had Chris Evans coming in, not as Captain America, but as the Human Torch,” Wernick said. “And then we had a subsequent scene where all the [2015] Fantastic Four [cast] came in together, including Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch, to kind of one-up the Chris Evans visit,” Reese added.

Those were scenes that were scripted but never shot. There was, however, plenty actually filmed that didn’t make the final release, including a montage that shows Deadpool committing suicide over and over in the film’s opening act.

Leitch says it all makes great fodder for a potential extended cut on Blu-ray/DVD. “I’d say there’s another 15 minutes of material that’s fun, that’s worthy of showing,” the director said.

As we reported earlier this week, one of those scenes could very well include Baby Hitler:

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