'Deadliest Catch' deckhand nearly dragged overboard

On Deadliest Catch, Saga greenhorn Josh Taylor had a close call after his foot got caught in a line attached to a crab pot weighing 800 pounds. As the pot plunged to the ocean floor, it almost brought Taylor with it. Taylor broke one of the most important crabbing rules, he lifted his foot with an active line on deck. Taylor said, "Lucky, I was able to unhook myself before I go over. Otherwise, I would have been gone." Shaken, he added, "Too close." In the video, one of his fellow deckhands is seen swatting the rope from behind Taylor's ankle just before going over the edge of the boat. Saga captain, Jake Anderson was relieved that no one was hurt. Anderson described the danger saying, "It's like one of those old, morbid freaking dark-age torture chamber devices. They'll just rip your leg right off or take you down with it. It's pretty ugly." He added, "I hope he learned his lesson."