'Deadliest Catch' captain shocks crew with news of a second heart attack

On the Season 15 premiere of Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen was mysteriously missing from the beginning of the show, and when his crew found out why, they were shocked. After arriving late and seeing that everything was in order, Hansen called a meeting to let everyone know that he’d suffered a second heart attack.

“Well, you guys did a good job so far,” Hansen said. “I mean, I’m sorry I wasn’t here. But the only reason I couldn’t get up here earlier was because I had another slight heart attack.”

Even though Hansen described it as a “slight” heart attack, he went on to say that one of his arteries was “completely blocked off.” Hansen suffered his first heart attack in February 2016 while filming the show. This second scare happened last October in Seattle, and Hansen blames it on an allergic reaction to antibiotics. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hansen described his whole body, including his throat, swelling up due to the antibiotics. He and his wife rushed to the hospital, where they gave him an EpiPen, after which he felt pain in his chest.

Hansen’s daughter, Mandy, was understandably shaken up by the news. “The first heart attack should have been an eye-opener,” Mandy said. “I’m thankful that I’m here, get to spend some extra time with him. I wanna support him in any way possible. And hopefully we’ll just make it through king crab and get home safe.”

Hansen was also thankful Mandy was there as he expressed a need to get her ready to helm his boat, the Northwestern. Hansen has indicated recently that retirement is on his mind, so Mandy may be the captain sooner rather than later.

“I’m just grateful Mandy’s up here,” Hansen said. “Ya know, if she’s gonna overtake this one of these days, or if that’s the idea or the plan, we need to get moving on it. Bottom line, I just want to get out there and start fishing. Time is short.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

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