'Deadliest Catch' captain Keith Colburn forced to leave boat for emergency surgery

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During Tuesday’s episode of Deadliest Catch, one captain's season came to a painful and early end. Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard was forced to leave his ship due to a medical emergency.

In 2018, Colburn missed almost the entire bairdi crab season while battling osteomyelitis, a serious bacterial infection in his spine. This time it was an umbilical hernia that knocked the fisherman out of commission.

Colburn’s intestines seeped through the abdominal wall around his belly-button. The protrusion was clearly visible as he revealed the extent of the injury to his brother Monte and the production crew onboard.

The injury not only looked gruesome, it felt gruesome. But the pain was only part of the problem. A high risk of bowel obstruction and infection also existed, turning the painful injury into a medical emergency.

Ultimately, Colburn decided to disembark at St. Paul Island harbor and fly home for emergency surgery. In his stead, his brother will captain the Wizard and attempt to catch the remaining million pounds of crab they need to fill their quota.

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

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