‘Dead to Me’ Season 2 Trailer: Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini Know They’re Not in a Fairy Tale

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It was a little over a year ago when Netflix unveiled the first trailer for their new buddy drama/comedy, “Dead to Me.” The series, starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini focused heavily on the nature of grief and trauma, blending dark storylines with the idea of friendship blooming in the unlikeliest places.

Now, the second season has landed an Emmy-friendly May release date, making it a short wait to discover how Judy (Cardellini) and Jen (Applegate) have moved forward from last year’s twist ending. The 40-second teaser trailer spends nearly half the time recapping Season 1, wherein (spoiler alert) Judy was discovered to be the woman who struck and killed Jen’s husband with her car. In the season finale, Jen shot Judy’s ex-fiance, played by James Marsden, leaving his corpse to lie in her swimming pool.

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A series of rapid cuts from the new season soon follow, involving dance troupes, Applegate in a gas mask, and Cardellini in the midst of an emotional breakdown. As the two plan a course of action while eating at a local Orange County restaurant, Jen has to remind Judy they aren’t in “Snow White” but are actually living the world of “Scarface” — even though, as Jen says, “no girls” have seen that movie.

While IndieWire’s Ben Travers wasn’t ecstatic about the first season, calling it “‘Grace and Frankie’ for a younger generation” the series, from creator and showrunner, Liz Feldman, caught its fair share of audiences and secured Applegate her fourth Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress as well as her fifth Primetime Emmy nomination.

Audiences latched onto the complicated nature of the leading ladies, something Applegate spoke to IndieWire about last year. “It’s not often that people ask me to go deep, where I have to go somewhere that is scary and also be funny,” she said. “These characters are unraveling and it shows you how complex we all are.”

The nature of trauma has also yielded positive response. “when great trauma has hit, it can’t hit you all at once because you can’t process it,” said Cardellini.

“Dead to Me” Season 2 premieres May 8 on Netflix. Watch the teaser-trailer below.

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