Deacon Preaches the Power of Sheila’s Redemption to a Stunned Hope on B&B

Is Sheila redeemed?
Is Sheila redeemed?

Is it good enough that Sheila suffered for weeks at the hands of Sugar? Does that mean she’s all good to go, and everybody should accept her into their lives? Did that time chained up wash away her sins? That’s the question at the source of The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Monday, May 6 episode. According to Finn and Deacon, yes. It’s enough. They believed her truth, and they believed in her. Does this mean she is truly redeemed and rehabilitated?

Hope Faints

Thank god for Hope’s (Annika Noelle) extreme reaction to seeing Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). Deacon (Sean Kanan) and Finn (Tanner Novlan) smiled and reacted positively to Sheila’s presence. She fainted! Meanwhile, it was nice to see that there was an appropriate response to Sheila being alive. Although, technically, we really don’t know her thoughts because she couldn’t get herself together long enough to put two words together.

Let’s hope she doesn’t get too faint now that she hears Deacon — her father — preach the good word of Sheila’s redemption and rehabilitation and how it all came down to the toes. She also hears Sheila tell her that she’s changed. On top of that, she hears Finn tell Sheila he’s glad that she’s alive and that he has a second chance with his birth mom. He even walks over to her and sounds happy that she is alive.

How do you think Hope’s going to react? What will she say to Sheila? (Check out B&B’s Comings & Going here)

Redemption What? Rehabilitation Where?

It’s not enough to say that you’ve changed. You can’t just skip ahead to redemption. Doing time working at Il Giardino and laying low doesn’t cut it. You have to do the work. Does Sheila think serving food and drinks at Il Giardino and standing there while people yell at her is supposed to qualify her for this particular state of mind?

Because so far, she is all talk. The horrific crimes she’s committed — past and present — means, at the very least, she should be seeing a therapist. Like five days a week. Whatever’s going on inside that head of hers needs time and maybe even medication to help. As long as she’s walking around a free woman without the benefit of therapy, it’ll be impossible to believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

However, Finn finally stated some semblance of a reason why he suddenly believes her and believes in her.

Finn: You offered your life to protect my family, to try and save Steffy from Sugar.

At this point, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Sheila engineered/manipulated/was the brains behind this whole thing with Sugar to gain instant redemption. That’s an easier leap to make. Once again, Sheila has never cared about Steffy. Their feelings of disgust for each other are mutual. And, sorry, Deacon. It does make sense for Sheila to go after Steffy.

Deacon even admitted to Sheila tricking Sugar into having that plastic surgery. Sheila even said she regretted what she did to her friend. But Deacon and Finn glossed over that whole thing to buy what Sheila was selling. Steffy has a right to feel the bad vibes she’s feeling.

What do you think about Sheila’s supposed redemption?

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Instead of coming up with an excuse to get Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) out of the room, why not come up with a storyline for him? That’s much preferable than sending him off on an errand Charlie (Dick Christie) could have done.

Why is Deacon joking over the potential reaction of LA and Genoa City to finding out Sheila’s alive? He knows the trauma that she caused. He saw it all over Lauren’s face. There is real fear there. It’s not a smiling matter.

Very excited to see Li versus Sheila later this week.

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