DC's Ultra-Realistic 'Batman v Superman,' 'Suicide 'Squad' Figures Get Little Details Perfect (Exclusive)

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad on the horizon, DC has two of the year’s most anticipated films. And now the comic juggernaut is revealing what will certainly be some of the year’s most anticipated collectibles based on said films. Yahoo Movies has an exclusive sneak peek at DC’s inaugural line of highly detailed, virtually photorealistic figures created using 3D sculpts of the films’ stars. “We’re not holding anything back,” Geoff Johns, chief creative officer of DC Entertainment, tells Yahoo. “It’s exciting to see our DC film slate bring to life so many great DC characters… This line will include everything from Batman to Superman to Wonder Woman, and even the obscure characters that will pop up in the cinematic universe. I can’t wait for fans of our films to get their hands on these figures.” Click through to see the first wave of figures, which will be available beginning this fall from DC Collectibles.