Dax Harwood Reflects On Criticism Of First Blood & Guts Match Finish

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Dax Harwood knows the ending of All Elite Wrestling‘s Blood and Guts match fell flat due to a bad camera angle.

On a recent episode of FTR with Dax Harwood, the All Elite Wrestling star spoke about competing in the first Blood and Guts match for the company and the finish that had the world talking for all the wrong reasons. After the match’s conclusion, Chris Jericho was pushed off the top of the cage by MJF onto a very visible crash pad that was seen thanks to a bad camera angle.

“Yeah, that finish the ending how it went down, did kind of suck,” Dax Harwood admitted. “It wasn’t the fault of any of the performers. I just think that, again, this was during the pandemic era, so we were all working without a net on how to shoot things. Daily’s Place kind of made it a little difficult to shoot. But that’s the cards we were dealt. First Blood and Guts match ever in AEW. And again, like I said, working on live TV without a net.

“So the way it was shot is the reason that the fans soured on it. And again, I don’t blame the cameraman or the directors, the producers, nobody knew. It was just those are the cards that we were dealt. So when I say that, it was the way it was shot. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just mean that we were all still in the process of learning how to deal with this pandemic-era style of wrestling.

“I thought the idea for the finish was great. I thought that the execution going into it was done well. It’s just the way it was shot probably could have been thought through a little bit more considering the small confines of the Daily’s Place.”

When asked how frustrating that was for him and the other performers that after everything they went through in that match that all the fans could talk about was one bad camera shot, Harwood admitted it was a bit embarrassing, and it didn’t help the feud between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle at all.

“Yeah, it was embarrassing. If you think about it, God, it just didn’t help the feud at all,” Dax Harwood said. “You know what I mean? It probably hindered it more than anything. So I think we had worked so hard to make this match special. And I think it was pretty special, decently special. And good up until that one moment, and then like you said, that’s all everyone can talk about and all everyone can remember.

“But it is weird also to me that the same people that shit on it, shit on the finish, also would have shit on it if it looked too dangerous. They would have said that we weren’t taking enough care of our talent. we were throwing caution to the wind.

“So to those people, It’s not everybody; it’s not all AEW fans or all wrestling fans. It’s just to a certain group of people. There is no pleasing them. So you have to sometimes pick your poison. But in saying that, in the defense of those fans, it could have been shot a little better.”

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