David Pogue's Practical (and Surprisingly Uplifting) Guide to Living with Climate Change

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In How to Prepare for Climate Change, David Pogue–a five-time Emmy Award-winning technology and science correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning, New York Times bestselling author and host of science specials on PBS NOVA–offers a sensible, deeply researched guide with practical advice for how everyday people can ready themselves for the tumultuous years ahead. You might not realize it, but we're already living through the beginnings of climate chaos. Even if we stopped burning fossil fuels and chopping down forests tomorrow, we wouldn't stop climate change. It's too late; the oceans have already warmed enough to disrupt our weather, food production, and life-styles for decades. Now it's time to adapt. With the help of 50 experts on climate, finance, agriculture, psychology, and emergency preparedness, author David Pogue brings his trademark clarity, authority, and even humor to an unexplored subject: preparing your family, your home, your business, and your life for our planet's chaotic future.