David Hogg Shuts Down Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Invitation to Meet on Gun Reform: ‘Don’t Really Have Time to Help You Go Viral’

David Hogg made it clear Sunday that there are certain lawmakers he has no intention of meeting with while on Capitol Hill this week.

On Sunday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene addressed Hogg in a tweet, wondering why he did not plan to meet with her during his upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. — where March for Our Lives has planned a rally for this Saturday.

“I hear you & your girls are funded to come to town this week to once again try to manipulate some of my gutless weak colleagues to vote for gun control that will violate our freedoms and leave Americans defenseless,” she wrote. “I don’t see you on my schedule, why not?”

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Hogg quickly replied, letting the congresswoman know that he would not be discussing his ideas surrounding gun control legislation with her, because he didn’t think she would be approaching the conversation in good faith.

“I’m more interested in protecting children and meeting commonsense people who are looking for reasonable solutions to stop children from dying,” he wrote. “Don’t really have time to help you go viral for attacking survivors so you can fundraise.”

In response to Hogg, Greene wrote: “David, you fundraise for a living. If you wanted to fix it, you would discuss common sense solutions with me, someone who has also been on lockdown as a student when the only madman with a gun is another student who wants to kill people. Not just bully my weak RINO colleagues.”

Hogg wasn’t the only person to reply to Greene’s tweet. Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was killed in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, offered to meet with Greene instead.

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“Hey @RepMTG, I will also be coming to DC,” he wrote. “I will bring pictures of my girl Jaime, who was murdered in Parkland. If you are looking for people to put on your schedule, please put me. Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday? What day is best for you?”

As of Monday, Greene had not replied publicly to Guttenberg’s offer.