David Cross Reveals Squabble With Fox Over ‘Arrested Development’ Character

On Conan, comedian David Cross promoted his new comedy special on Netflix, Making America Great Again.

Cross, sporting a full beard, spoke about a time when he was almost forced to shave for his role as Tobias Fünke, on Arrested Development.

“I really gravitated toward Tobias. I knew immediately who he was, what he looked like, how he acted, what clothes he would wear, and the mustache … he’s got to have a mustache.”

However, on the first day of production, Cross got a call from the producers. “The head of the network … she doesn’t like mustaches on characters, and it’s one of her three rules of comedy, which I wasn’t aware of,” Cross said.

Luckily, Cross was able to convince the executive to reconsider. “They were like, OK, we have a compromise. They’re going to let you have the mustache, it just can’t be too bushy.”

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Tony Hale says he’s ready for more Arrested Development:

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