David Beckham Pokes Fun at ‘Dramatic’ Wife Victoria as She Sprawls Out on the Floor After a Workout

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It seems David Beckham is always down to troll wife Victoria Beckham, and he recently took the opportunity to do so after their workout.

The former football pro, 48, took to his Instagram Stories on Monday, November 6, to share a few photos of Victoria, 49, as she lounged around after completing a sweat session with her husband. The Spice Girls alum looked exhausted as she sprawled out on the floor next to the treadmill in her all-black workout ensemble.

Over one snap, David wrote, “Not that my wife’s dramatic or anything, but this is what happened this morning.” He added an eye-rolling emoji, along with a GIF of the rotating phrase, “I wanna nap.” He also tagged performance coach Bobby Rich. The next photo showed Victoria still on the floor but turned away from the camera, seemingly done with David’s trolling.

The fashion designer didn’t ~stand~ for his antics, though. She responded by posting her own photo of David, who was seen lying face down on a yoga mat. “And the Oscar goes to…” she captioned the snap.

This wouldn’t be the first time in recent months that David has called out his wife. The Inter Miami president went viral in early October because of a clip from his Netflix docuseries, Beckham, in which he set Victoria straight after she tried to claim that she came from a “very, very working class” family. He peeked his head into her confessional interview and told her to “be honest.” When she insisted she was being truthful, David asked, “What car did your dad drive you to school in?”

Victoria Beckham dramatic
Victoria Beckham dramatic

After skating around the question for a few moments, Victoria replied, "OK, in the '80s, my dad had a Rolls Royce."

“Thank you,” David concluded.

Fans were quick to praise David for the moment on social media. One X user wrote at the time, “Omg I just fell in love with David Beckham. Victoria Beckham trying to hide the fact her dad owned a Rolls Royce & she went to an expensive school but pretending she’s ‘working class’ what a lying trollop.”

The scene also sparked a discussion about whether or not Victoria truly had a “working class” childhood. Her mother, Jacqueline Doreen Adams (née Cannon), held down two jobs as a hairdresser and insurance clerk. Meanwhile, dad Anthony William Adams was an electronics engineer. Victoria’s parents opened an electronics wholesale business that made enough money to allow the family to live comfortably. Victoria, who is now a mother of four, attended private schools and lived in a seemingly lavish home in Goffs Oak, England. She told British Vogue in 2017 that her mother and father bought the house “as a shell” to fix it up.

“My dad worked really hard to have the money for us to have a nice house, so Mum would not let us stick posters up and I wouldn’t let my kids stick posters up,” Victoria said. “My family brought me up telling me I could achieve absolutely anything. Whenever I said I can’t do it, my dad, he just wouldn’t hear it. He’d say, ‘What do you mean you can’t do it? Why? Why?’ And I do that to my own children as well.”