David Ayer defends James Gunn as having "the hardest job in Hollywood right now"

 Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

David Ayer has defended James Gunn against casting criticism for the DCU. Ayer directed the original Suicide Squad movie that released in 2016, while Gunn helmed 2021's sort-of-reboot The Suicide Squad, and is the new co-CEO of DC Studios.

"There are those who are committed to taking cheap shots from the Grassy Knoll. The high road of positivity and creation will always win. Right now you have the hardest job in Hollywood. And you'll make it look easy and a little fun too :)" Ayer wrote on Twitter, quote tweeting Gunn addressing a fan complaint claiming that Gunn's wife Jennifer Holland – who plays Emilia Harcourt in the DCU – is in "every DC project."

"The only DC movie I've ever cast my wife in was #TheSuicideSquad," Gunn wrote. "I had nothing to do with the casting of any other movie – anything else was shot a year or so ago while I was deep in [Guardians of the Galaxy] Vol 3. But I know some of you are deeply in need of reasons to hate." Gunn then responded to Ayer's tweet with "You're the best."

A fan campaign to release the so-called Ayer Cut, AKA David Ayer's director's cut of Suicide Squad, is still going strong. Ayer has been open before about changes made to his film, going as far as saying it was "ripped to pieces." There are no official plans to release the Ayer Cut just yet, however.

The DCU, meanwhile, is in a state of major flux following Gunn and Peter Safran becoming co-CEOs of DC Studios. Multiple new projects have been announced as part of DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, including a new Superman filmthat won't star Henry Cavill – and a new Batman and Robin movie.

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