Dave Grohl Writes Letter to Local Government on Behalf of Teen Metal Band

As if we needed another reason to love Dave Grohl: the Foo Fighters frontman has come to the aid of a British teenage heavy metal band.


UK quartet Black Leaves of Envy was on the verge of getting banned from practicing in their home garage in Cornwall. The reason? Their local council limits noise restrictions to no more than 30-40 decibels in residential areas.

That’s no more than the audio level of a dishwasher – something pointed out by Grohl, who posted a letter to the Cornwall Council on the Foo Fighters website. The post was in support of BLoE and other aspiring young artists.

“For musicians that lack the resources to rehearse in professional facilities, a garage or basement is the only place they have to develop their talent and passion,” Grohl said. “For the sake of your local band Black Leaves of Envy, I ask that you reconsider the restrictions put upon the volume of their private rehearsal space.”

Grohl added that he himself grew up playing music in his garage in Springfield, Virginia and that it is “crucial for children to have a place to explore their creativity.” He also wrote a separate letter with tips on how to soundproof a practice space.

According to the BBC, one young Black Leaves of Envy member “burst into tears” when he first read Grohl’s post on behalf of the band.

The Cornwall council, meanwhile, says it is looking into the issue and that, quote, “compromises can be agreed.”